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bloggers block - uninspired to the core

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What to do when you have a bloggers block? When you feel empty and uninspired? Have you ever felt this way?

And what to do when this transcends your writing area and consumes you whole and leaves you almost dead? Because, honestly, what are we than plain dead, when we feel that void and lack of life in us. Maybe I am just depressed and having some weird PMS, or something? But from time to time I do feel overwhelmed by the world, by its crazy chaos and how it is rich in everything but so empty at the same time. I feel suffocated by that emptiness. A paradox, really. Everything is accessible, here, ready to be used and consumed, material or not - and I still feel all that abundance this world has to offer - as a burden, as something that is not really here, not palpable, not even true. Like we are all just ... pretending to live this world around us.

Sometimes a bloggers block is just a block, but sometimes that block is a product of much deeper state of mind, a feeling so strong and overbearing that you just feel the need to un-plug completely. And sometimes, you just feel the need to fight. The true fight begins in the moment when you need to preoccupy your tired and depressed, already overcrowded and suffocated mind with lots of ideas and inspirations hoping some of it will interest you hard enough to give you back your will to live. Sometimes that process goes very, very slow.

If you opt for unplugging, then unplug. Sometimes you just need to shut down, empty your batteries and recharge. But today I feel like that would be a waste of time. I decided to fight my block, my inner demons and try to free my creativity. Few hours ago I wanted to write something, but felt uninspired. Then the frustration came. What to do? I even goggled what to do when bored. Shame level - infinite. What to do?

Thank god for the internet. And that I didn`t unplug my computer. This way I know I am not alone, and I have found many tips from accomplished people and inspiring writers that enabled me to deal with my "block" issues. Now I feel grateful for many of perks world nowadays has to offer - internet, God bless you, that were suffocating me few hours ago.

(I know this post grew into a monstrosity, but bare with me, I`m getting there.)

Dealing with blocks and feelings of lack of inspiration can overwhelming just as the world around us that sometimes gives us that very block. We get caught up in this run-a-round of feelings and guilt and very often we just give up. These feelings do pass in the end, and we do get to feel better, but as these feeling pass, so does our time that we will never get back. World around us changes and we miss it. The moment has passed. Of course, there is a way around that. As I mentioned few paragraphs before, you can fight. And I will.

Feeling the block, the blues, being uninspired or even bored can change if you just give yourself a chance. Few ideas I got from Gala Darling seem like a great ways to get back on the horse with your creative juices. You will find something that will interest you. You will kick aside those toxic feelings and thoughts that were disabling you. You will free your mind and thrive. Or, if nothing else, you won`t feel bored. Thank you Gala for these ideas (I will list some, my favourites, you can read the rest here - the whole, full list of 50 ways how to break a writer`s block):

Write about your passion.

Set a timer for 9 minutes, and just start writing!

Write about something you’re looking forward to.

Write in somebody else’s voice.

Interview someone fascinating.

Just write 150 words.

Tell a fairytale.

Write about something which scares you.

Write a how to post.

Record yourself speaking. - This one would be a real challenge because it scared the shit out of me.

Go for a walk, take your camera, and pay attention.

Create a character and write a story around them.

Put together your bucket list.

Make a video!

Try something completely out of character, and then write about it.

Write about a second chance.

I do feel a bit better now... mainly because reading this list, picking my favourites and writing them down in my notebook, has given me some new ideas about upcoming post ideas and/or personal challenges that would be great and smart to cross of the list with great success. Don`t you agree?

Another great article I found is from Jeff Goins from Goins, writer.com. As Jeff writes, the most important thing when feeling like a load of useless crap is to know two things - 1. Resistance 2. "Blocked" vs. Empty.

The first lesson is summed up to this - "You must to not simply wait for inspiration, but you have to do your part by showing up. It’s up to the Muse to do the rest." We will feel resistance (almost) every day, but we need to fight it.

Second lesson is a bit scary. Why scary? Because it is one thing to feel the emptiness like something that came from the world, consumed you and left you lifeless and "blocked" and the other (much scarier) is to admit that that emptiness comes from within us. That truly is depressing. And scary. I don`t actually have neither the courage nor the words to describe how much that scares me. But it seems this can happen. And it happens. But let’s see what Jeff says about this.

"When we’re feeling uninspired, we may, in fact, be spiritually and emotionally empty." Do you feel the weight of these words? Although these words sound so final and dark, it is not the end of the world. You just need to know the difference, not to mistaken the two, and if it is not a block, just go and... Fill up!

How to know the difference?
Depending on what’s going on today, there may be two reasons for your feeling uninspired:

  • One may be a real case of the Resistance — your own laziness, outside distractions, or some other negative force keeping you from making a difference. If that’s the case, then you only have one choice: show up, do the work.

  • However, if you’re feeling empty, be careful. You could waste hours sitting in front of a computer screen or with a guitar on your lap. If this is the case, you may need to step away and go do something that fills you up — play with your kids, listen to music, go for a run.

I think when you look deep inside, you will know the answer. Usually all the answers are within us, we are just afraid to look most of the times because we are scared what we might find. I am too. But that is related to a whole different subject that would take a whole separate post, so, some other time.

The conclusion is, take a moment or two to feel what is really going on, are you blocked or you need to take time to reboot and feel up. Whichever the case, exploring some of the ideas or doing what your heart thrives for at the moment will for sure give you what you`ve been missing. Your inner sparkle. It will light up again and/or even stronger than before.

I know this sounds a bit cheese-y and oh so poetic but in the end, it is true. Only be aware, resistance is always lurking so don’t be lazy! Bloggers blocks or writers blocks, uninspiring moments will always happen but the important thing is not to give up!

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p.s. the site I kindly borrowed (thank you!) the photo from, has an amazing article about how to overcome the writers block. You should read it.


Marta said...

Ajme, hvala ti. Nemogu ti opisati koliko sam ti zahvalna na ovome. Shvatila sam da mi fali inspiracije, da mi nedostaje onaj čar koji sam davno imala i napokon se mogu s nekime apsolutno poistovijetiti

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