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Vacation week in pictures

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week in pictures

Last week I was on a little vacation and since it was my birthday in the middle of the week, I had a little me time, celebrated with my family and friends, did some cooking, relaxing, reading, sewing and re-decorating.

Oh yes and some yoga. Can`t forget yoga.

Today I am back to work, for another two weeks and then again - vacation!

And today I found out that I will be going to Vienna in November for 3 days. Can`t wait. Solo sight-seeing. My favorite.
Any tips for super interesting sights and lovely secrets? Of course, the list of second hand shops is a must.

DIY inspiration - exposed zipper

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While browsing pinterest for the best "how to" regarding zippers I came across this cool video about exposed zippers. Polka dot zippers? Say what?!

Needless to say I fell in love with the designs, the idea and the lovely Gretchen herself. This is something I will SO try to DIY (that almost sounds like a rhyme, right?), I just need to get my hands on some funky zippers.

Talking about zippers, when I started drafting this post, alongside posting this video I took the liberty to see what is the general situation on zippers available. On the internet, of course. In this godforsaken wilderness of a country where I live, zippers are classic and not that creative. They come in different colors but that is it. Ok and different sizes but that is not the problem if you are on a hunt for a silvery glitter one or something with a pattern. Ebay here I come.

If you type int he obvious - polka dot zipper - you are in a lot of disappointment, because you get one big fat nothing when you hit the button.
Decorative zipper? No luck there.

Google, my friend.

So I found these and these but was not much impressed by any of them. Is this it? Is it that unusual to ask for a simple glitter/polka dot/maybe occasional star or a hart patterned zipper?

Guess so.

Etsy has some cute finds though. And that is about it. Very disappointing.
If anyone by any chance finds out where to buy these, please let me know. I will be for ever in you debt. Thank you.

Vintage typewriter

~ ~


A typewriter. Vintage typewriter. And it is all mine.

Best. Birthday present. Ever.


I have been wanting to raid my moms house to find her old, retro but not vintage, still very cool typewriter. I can still remember how I used to "play" with it. I was awed with it from the first moment my mom showed it to me. Like an instant and unbreakable bond formed, a bond that would tell me so much, if only I listened.

I remember typing incessantly and eagerly although I was just a kid and not a writer. It was inspiring and fun, I role played I was a famous writer with this big big brain filled with most interesting stories that people were hungry for. Little did I know that those dreams could have came true (that they still can is a subject for another time) if only I had more (grit) courage. My mom was always there to help, nurture and develop any of interests and talents my brother and I displayed, supported us through  each and every project and crazy idea. Dad too. But still, I was always and still am very insecure about my work. Any work. Steve says that is a mark of a true artist.

This trip down to the memory lane awoke some strange and cute, somewhat overly eager little emotions that are (most likely) delusional in their belief that some serious writing will be done. Just remember how your fingers hurt, hitting those keys, this little voice says. So it is decided. This typewriter will be the most cherished item in my house and will most probably appear in many vintage related photo shoots I have planed for.

Can`t wait to shoot some secretary pin up inspired photos for this little project I am planning. Sounds like it could be fun for a long haul so, super excited.



Birthday wishlist

~ ~

work wishlistmesh tank top // bra // skirt // boots


gym wishlist

Pants // Sneakers // Bra // Clutch


office wishlist



Planer // Pencils //Pompoms //Earbuds //I`m very busy //Thermos


I am officially old. Like a Bible. Just kidding. I am not yet officially. At least not until tomorrow.

So my B-day came a-knocking and I can only say goodbye 30, did you really have to go?

I hope this 31 year of my life will be better than the 30th was in terms of business. I have the love of my life, my health and I can say I am OK and happy.

So I could you some professional boost, an upgrade if you will. And a lottery win would help me so much with this birthday wishlist above.


These are some of the pretty things my heart desires and would love love to own some day. I know it is not all in material possession but that is not our current subject, lets leave that for tomorrow when a years review of personal achievement can be done.

 Honestly I can`t wait for tomorrow.

Trend report: Ripped denim skirt

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Denim comes in many guises, not just the traditional pair of jeans.

Designers really love denim for its versatility and with each season we have some new way to wear it. From classic denim, to even denim suits and swimsuits denim can never go out of style. And it appears that there is nothing that this durable material cannot be made into.

Almost every single woman has something denim in her wardrobe, especially jeans. Whether it is classic, worn-out, ripped or even decorated.

This summer is all about ripped denim, especially when it comes to skirts. Pencil or mini, ripped denim skirt is all the rage and all you will need to be trendy, not only for the summer but for all the seasons to come. I am already picturing them paired with knee-high boots for fall.

ripped denim skirt

This season’s trend gem can be worn almost in any occasion that does not require formal attire. Paired up with (sky) high heels, its an instant chic outfit. Wear it with slouchy oversized shirts and sweaters, white button-downs or even silk blouses. If you are going for a more casual outfit wear the skirt with a pair of chucks - perfect for strolls and sight-seeing on your vacation.

Personally I am more of a pant person when it comes to ripped jeans. Although I do like how girls are wearing this trend, I just can`t see it on myself. My tribute to ripped jeans trend would be made with ripped shorts. Pure perfection.

ripped denim shorts

And I would always, without any doubt opt for a chic ripped pair of skinny jeans. I find them incredibly sexy, feminine in a very casual way but so undoubtedly chic.



What is your take on ripped denim skirts and on denim in general?  Do you usually follow trends and buy trendy clothes or are you more of a "from here to eternity" kind of gal?

I would love to know what you think.

Photo source: 1,2,3 

collage is made by me.

How to nail your manicure?

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nail your manicure

Nails and nicely groomed hands are one of the first things I notice on people. Short or (not too) long nails, it doesn`t matter as long as they are neat and clean.

Personally, I prefer to have my natural, short nails (but not very short, just long enough, finger-tip length), usually in some color, mostly red; but sometimes I go crazy and paint each nail a different color. No matter the style, or even if you wear them polish-free, nurtured and well groomed nails are a must.

Learn how to nail your manicure in 6 easy steps.

1. Three strokes & you are done

Use three strokes to apply the polish. Starting at the base of your nail, stroke the brush to the left, to the right, and then down the center.

2. But first, base coat

This one is very important because it gives the colored polish something to adhere to, making your manicure last a couple of extra days longer, and it prevents staining on your nails from pigmented paint - this one I learned the hard way, stuck with yellow-ish nails for weeks. Not a pretty sight.

3. No quickies!

 Quick-dry nail polishes are dehydrating and will dry out your nails.

4. Cold and dry

Holding your hands under cold water or dipping your fingertips into ice water for a bit helps them dry faster.

5. No dishes, please!

Hot water is the enemy for your nails (so no doing dishes after you`ve done your nails). Hot water causes the nail bed to expand, forcing the polish to expand with it, thus causing it to crack in the process.

6. Last but not least - top coat.

And always swipe the very tip of your nail.  You'll be less likely to get chips when typing and hitting your tips against the keys.


What are your favorite colors for this summer? Got any secret tips for a perfect manicure? Please share, I would like to know.
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