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Swimsuit season - pin up edition

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1.Harrods 2.New Look   3.Harrods 4.Harrods  5.Nelly

6.Topshop  7.Zimmermann 8.New look  9.HLorenzo

Swimsuits. Each year we have the same struggle - which one to buy? How to pick between all these colors and designs? This year I am going retro - PIN UP to be precise.

Inspired by 1950s, pin ups and retro design I would pick a high waist swimsuit with ruffles, but it is hard to choose on the pattern. Polka dots or stripes? Hard decisions need to be made, so the only sane thing to do here is to buy two of them - one with dots and one with stripes.

Styled with a wide brimmed straw hat you are ready to go.

Which one would you choose? Is this a trend you would wear and if not, what is the best type of swimsuit for you?


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