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Summer beauty essentials

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summer beauty essentials


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Sea, sun, salt and sand - we love them, we dream of them during the winter but, even in paradise we need to take care of our body (and mind but that is another story, although the linked song can help).

Taking care of our hair and skin during these summer times is as important as keeping them nurtured during harsh winter weather (of course, depending where you live). In Croatia, usually we have very hot summers and cold winters. Going to the sea side for vacation is the usual choice for many of us, and many are spending more than few weeks at the beach. To keep our hair nourished and hydrated it is important to protect it from negative impact from sun and sea.

Keeping our skin healthy and young is an imperative and whether you are going to tan or keep your porcelain skin as is, it is important to protect your skin from negative influence with good SPF protection. I have very, very light skin so tanning is not much of an option for me. I easily get sun-burnt or get sun allergies. Oh, how much would I love to have that beautiful bronze skin. In some other life, maybe.

Here I have listed several products I would love to get my hands on and use, even if just for trying (gotta win the lottery first).

My usual beach beauty routine is quite simple. Before and after are the same as any other season, I use micelle fluids for my face, combined with Clinique’s dramatically different crème and sometimes I give my face (and hair, elbows too) a big treatment with coconut or olive oil. For coconut oil I use organic cold pressed oil and as for olive oil, since I live in olive oil producing country I use organic and homemade. Delicious! When it comes to hair, I pay much attention to after care - rinsing it after swimming and nourishing it with coconut oil and deep treatment masks.

Summer is a great time to give your hair a break (from all the blow-outs and strengtheners/curlers) and let it just be. During these warm months I usually just wash my hair (let it air dry) and just put it in a bun (or a pony-tail). My failed attempt to go platinum resulted in very damaged hair that need less stress as possible. And it is going pretty ok for now.


What are your summer beauty essentials? How do you take care of your hair and skin during beach time? I would love to hear some recommendations.


To see all the product info please click on the photos below:


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I love the Beach Dont Kill My Vibe bag! haha So cute! Your blog looks great!

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