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Choosing the perfect bra

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36C. Padded, not padded. Push-up. Double Ds. Balconette. Wire or sport? Choosing the perfect bra has always been challenging and often felt like a quest of finding a holy grail or Higgs particle. Not once have I found the ONE.

All the bras currently in my possession are not that bad, they are mainly OK, but I guess they could be better. If they "fit" they are usually not very attractive, they end up being mostly in basic colour and design, which sometimes can get pretty boring. But the real problem is finding the one that actually fits. Perfectly.

Since that time when I was 13 and I got, well breasts I had hated the fact I am a woman. Of course that is strictly bra related issue. I have very narrow chest/back but relatively rich cleavage. So, finding the cup that actually is attached to very small band has been almost impossible. Wonder why? `cus that’s just the way it is.

Buying a bra is mostly very stressful experience for m. Not because I don`t feel comfortable in my skin and/or being (almost) naked in public (in front of the shopping assistant) but because I get irritated from trying on all these bras with no success. And usually shopping assistants know nothing more than me about sizes and types. When buying, or even considering of buying a bra, I opt for the trying on in the stor option rather than ordering on-line. Although on-line bra shopping is always tempting me with wonderful designs available, but there is just too much risk and too many variables in choosing a perfect bra.

I recently came across this intriguing on-line shop for bras called True&Co. that offers you a wide range of models and designs and helps you to a) determine which size your really are and what variables are most critical with your current bra b) choose the perfect one in size, type and design from a variety of bras offered. You just log-in, answer some questions and voila - there is your answer.

Although I liked their approach and the story behind it all, how the store was opened and why. True&Co is an online boutique based around survey responses from thousands of women, separating out the data to create profiles of size and body types, and found that a lot of the product out there doesn't work for most women.

So, I tried that questionnaire out. And I am not really impressed, but only on the account of just one question - when asked which brand and in which size you currently own a bra I answered "other" for brand because mine was not on the list and 36C because that is usually my dress size and cup size. There was no question about measuring, so how can they take that number as a valid size when we all know that bra sizes vary even from model to model of the same brand.

I finished the test and they just listed bunch of bra models in "my" size.

trueCo_bra_sheer black

trueCo_bra_easy fitbasic modeltrueCo_bra

The verdict? I really, really like what True&Co has to offer. I like so many of their designs that I would probably bankrupt. But! I would be very, and I mean very hesitant of buying any type of bra from any on-line store without first trying it on. I just don`t like the hassle of returning the product and hoping next one will be the one.

But, then again, maybe it really would be.

What is your experience with choosing the perfect bra?

Disclaimer: I was not paid or contacted in any way by the mentioned brand. I find the quest of choosing the perfect bra an interesting topic and since I found out about their page and method I wanted to see what they offer and share my honest opinion.


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