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Link love

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Thursday night means it is time for link love list. It has been a while and a hoarder in me has a pretty big list of interesting link,s but not all will make today's cut.

link love


  • If you are looking for a community to boost your blog or business, see what Sarah recommends and feel free to join. They are very helpful and as it seems very warm and welcoming. 

  • Let Go of Who You Think You're Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are is a simple mantra but also a title to an interesting and as it seems awesome book that you (and me) need to read.

  • THE BEST and my personal favorite tumblr that has ever existed! I am maybe a bit crazy about it but I can`t help all the beautiful imagery they post. I can`t even wait to finish this post so I can just glue my eyes to the screen...

  • Are you into sports? Who is not into sports these days, really? (me at the moment, duh!) But are you into circus kind of sports. Here is circus dictionary for you. Yup. You read that right. I`m sure 99% of people I know, or that visit/stumble upon this page will not need this info - ever. But looks fun, right? Yoga practitioners could try it out.

  • If circus is a bit much for you and prefer something more conventional like running, here are some useful tips on how to buy right running shoes. Up until I read this article my one and only requirement when it came to running shoes was if they were neon pink. Don`t be me and read the stuff.

  • Since we are talking footwear here is another useful source of information but this time regarding high heels.

  • And last but not least, blogging link - SEO for Bloggers: The Non-Techie Guide
    This guide is actually pretty amazing and helped me really understand some points of SEO that I was (still) a bit fuzzy about.


Mix and match: stripes and leopard print go together

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When I woke up this morning it was Monday again, another week of "house arrest" which in general is not bad and I kind of like it, but at times one can go crazy of all the TV and internet stuff. At times like these I usually read a book (or take a nap) or resort to crafting of some kind (I didn`t say I finish what I start) but today was not a day for books or crafts. It was a stripes and leopard print kind of a day.

It was a "I can shoot my own outfits, all by my self" kind of a day. No biggie. I can`t say that these photos are super quality but at least I had fun chasing our cats out of the "shooting area". Boys really are photogenic but they had their chance...

stripes and leopard printstripes and leopard printstripes and leopard printstripes and leopard printstripes and leopard print

That stripes and leopard print go together is a well know fact and one of my favorite examples of mix and match.

I can imagine few more fun mixes, like stripes with floral or with dots, but this one is really something special. And I am not sure if you will ever witness me wearing anything floral (I have a strange issue with flowery clothes) even if it were paired up with (my all time favorite)  - stripes.

And I am totally amazed how intensive my hair color is! I have to say I don`t see it that way in the mirror. Crazy hair. How do you like the color?

I am wearing a thrifted leopard print blazer/shirt, H&M striped tee & hat, Sisely jeans and F21 silver shoes, vogue eye wear.

Snowed in to-do list

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snowed in to do list

Snow is falling all around me, children playing, having fun ... and I am back in the holiday mood. It has been snowing nonstop for the past two days and all I can say is - I am in need of a serious snowed in to-do list! What to do? What to do? This snowed in to-do list is something I came up with because I have been on house "arrest" for past 2 months and I am kind of going crazy. Not that my days are any different with or without snow, but... making a snowed in to-do list was actually fun, inspiring and creative and gave me few ideas for next couple of days. And I can already cross some of them off the list. Like PJs all day, every day! But seriously, if you are being held captive by enormous amounts of snow and have a hard time finding out what to do with yourself, here is my error proof - in case of emergency - survival kit snowed in to-do list! Have fun and feel free to add your ideas to the list.


  1. Make a list

  2. Movie marathon

  3. Bake

  4. Sew/crochet/knit/CREATE

  5. Build a snowman

  6. Snowball fight

  7. Sledding

  8. Outdoor winter photoshoot

  9. Try new recipe

  10. Sleep in

  11. Spend the day in PJs

  12. Walk in the snow

  13. Take photos of snow

  14. Have a game night

  15. Have a romantic night

  16. Make snow ice-cream

  17. Make snow angels

  18. Make a snow fort

  19. Write a letter

  20. Clean out your sock drawer (or any other)

  21. Update/clean your address book and/or desktop etc...

  22. Have a candlelit dinner

  23. Wear a crown

  24. Dance

  25. Live in the moment

I am so looking forward to few of the numbers from the list! Don`t forget to tell me your ideas and how would you spend your snowed in days.

Currently loving: Jewelry - History + Industry

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Currently loving: Jewelry - History + Industry

Metal, wood, semi-precious stones. Contemporary design that meets artifact heritage. All hand crafted in mesmerizing staple pieces of jewelry that captures the essence of magical femininity. Bold but feminine, with ability to transform any look and to leave eternity's worth of impressions. You can bet I am currently loving this amazing jewelry from History + Industry made by talented Irene Wood.

Although I am more of a minimalistic gold neck pieces lately I could not turn my head away from their instagram account that first introduced me to the brand. History + Industry is Brooklyn based studio that makes really stunning pieces of art. The owner has strong art history and knows her way around the stones. I love how all these materials are combined in perfect harmonious statement necklaces without being too much or chaotic. I feel like every necklace has its own personal story and such strong energy oozes from each one, like the stones give them special powers and makes them alive.

Besides necklaces, you can find amazing earrings and bracelets that are equally captivating in beauty of the design.


Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored, I just like the brand.

January recap

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The first month of 2015 is behind us. 30+ days went by in a flash. I did so much, but I know I could`ve done much more. At the end of 2014 I was writing up my goals, resolutions and plans for 2015, for the first months to catch the momentum so my year would have a solid start for great (new) adventures. My resolution was to try whatever opportunity life gave me, so I did. More or less. One of my resolutions, plans and milestones was to have a recap at the end of each month and evaluate the month passed. So, this is my first and grand January recap.

In January I had 8 posts, less than last years 13, but more than in December 2014. The numbers are not really the reason I post, but keep in mind that, like it or not, we people do love numbers. In all the shapes and sizes, but that does not mean we don`t care about quality as well. For me, if it were all about the numbers I would have given up on blogging a long time ago. And with that in mind, I know I should post more, but resistance sometimes gets the best of me. So I post when I feel like it. I struggle sometimes with themes and subjects of my posts, and I try to avoid posting for sake of posting. All in all, I am OK with the way the year started, blog wise. And here`s to improvement!

Of all other plans and ideas to check of my 2015 resolution list, I checked the "go back to sketching" one. I even added some water coloring.

I upped my game on Instagram, took more photos, kept my 5 minute journal at OK level. I practice gratefulness and intention every day, and recognize signs of opportunity one by one.

Eating healthier after holiday craze is also on fast track to success. A lot of veggies and less and less crap. Eating fast food is (again) becoming unappealing for me more each day and I am so happy about it since I am such a junkie. Or, was. Yay!

january outfitsSome January outfits that made grey, gloomy rainy days a bit brighter and happier. Although I was at work only for 7.5 days before sick leave was reinforced and PJs were back on schedule as all day dressing attire.

All in all January was good and I am thankful for the way it turned out. I met one amazing woman and had so many great ideas and made some plans, so I look forward to the future and making this January recap even more successful February recap. Hello February and welcome.

How was your January? Do you like how your year started and what was the most memorable moment in last 30 days?

Mine was when I really spent the day away from procrastinating on Pinterest or TV, but read, sketched, cooked and had a great day, almost totally unplugged. I was so surprised how natural it was for me to spend it that way. Maybe it was just what I needed. I guess I just need to listen more carefully.

Tell me about your month and what are your plans for February.