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When blogging is hard

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SEO. Content marketing. Keyword research. Anchor text. Meta something, or other. Meta description. Copyright meta. Speed optimization. And what the hell is PING?

I mean, I know what PINGing is and why it matters but, does this really needs to take over my blogging experience?

Last few weeks I have been trying to master the art of SEO and all the other stuffs every self-respecting blogger needs to know, and/or do if he/she wants to see their baby live. As much as I do understand the need of SEO maintenance for any site I cant help but feel this overwhelming and de-motivating sensation that has crept into my being. And my WP dashboard as well. When I first decided I was going to put more effort and attention to blog and writing I didn`t think my head was going to explode. It hasn`t yet but it is damn close.

nothing will work unless you do

That social networking, as well as good ranking on Google and other sites (if you ask me - what other sites?) is of utmost importance and a logical part of the process is something that has left me a bit ambiguous. As for spending time on social networks (I just found out about slide share and Dubble, shame on me) I have no problem with that, although it is time consuming and I truly hope that I will catch up. When it comes to all that SEO, ranking and other sorcery stuff, I have to say - I am about to give up. For now. For day or two. Just until my head clears. If it ever does.

What is the problem with SEO and all that super confusing terminology? It is just too much. I feel like Alice falling down a rabbits hole. There is just no end? Or maybe there is but no in the foreseeable future. My mind is just getting cloudier and more confused and my eyes blurry. And when I close my eyes, all I see are names of plug-ins I installed, terms on Google webmaster tool and Analytics I did not understand. Not even in my native language.

The imperative here is - I am not complaining. I am just stuck. And I know that there are so many people feeling like I am, and some give up, some don`t. Who knows what will happen with me in the end. The thing I know for sure is that I feel challenged although overwhelmed. Challenged but still willing to fight. Maybe for now I will put SEO sorcery to side, let it simmer while I use the things I can and do understand, and maybe in time it will all click. All will fall to its place.

What have I learned?

  • I learned that Wordpress rules. Makes my life easier and my blog better. Use it.

  • Research. Research. I will say it again - research. Whether it is for post inspiration, or SEO (damn you, leave me alone, already!) or content or how to write better (very important one) - research. Even for which WP plug-in haven’t you installed yet?

  • SEO is tricky but I am sure it takes time. Our civilization is so smart and evolving each day more and more, and all that knowledge that is accessible for us can at times be intimidating. Just give yourself time.

  • There are so many amazing and helpful tips available in just a click or two. And what is even better - people. So many people have gotten through problems like mine or yours and are willing to share the wisdom. Pinterest is your friend. And Pocket too.

  • No amount of SEO witchcraft will make up for good content. No amount. Amazing content, good writing and inspiring approach to people and ideas will push you that extra mile to great blogging wonderland. I just hope I will find what it takes to produce that kind of content.

Blogging is what you want and make of it. No more, no less. And it should make you happy. And you do it only if you have a true honest desire to do it, not for all the other wrong reasons.

Don˙t be scared (I tell myself that so often). And remember, there are so many great people with amazing advice and great intentions and will to help.

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I hope someone at least found this piece of my experience useful. Or at least not completely boring.
When blogging gets hard, reach out and just don`t give up!


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