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New blog address

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Dear all, from now on you can find my blog right here, on this new .com address - http://www.nochicsherlock.com/


hello june

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sea. sun. fun. can`t wait. summer, come to me, I am ready!

Spring bazzar in Zagreb

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Last weekend I went to this cute little festival - Bazaar. Unfortunately I only bought a piece of cake (it was so delicious!) but had a great time. It was a lovely day, almost summer-y. 

And wait and behold, here is a photo of me. On rare occasions I do stand in front of the camera I become all confused and stage fright takes over so, you get this. My best shot :D god help me.

As you can see I am back to my "original" hair color and the hair has grown! 
This is my Sunday casual hippie inspired outfit. I blended just right to that whole bazzar theme. The satchel is vintage, in fact, it is almost 100 years old.

Louboutin Fall 2014 calendar - Surrealism or just plain nasty?

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How to even begin this post? With my personal statement on this subject or?

Lets start from the beginning. Yesterday Monsieur Louboutin`s calendar for Fall 2014 look book came out. And everybody has an opinion on how gory or brilliant this is.

I came across this subject via Style.com where they, as I understood it, went on the pro side, mentioning their source of this hot potato theme - The Telegraph. Ms Kate Finigan took the other side of the road labelling the famous "shoe whisperer" and this look book revolting. But I did loved the mention of French photographer Guy Bourdin.

When I first saw the photos, I didn`t get upset or revolted. Maybe I should`ve?
To me these legs look more like they "came" from some mannequin than that the photographer and the designer in question wanted to present chopped off legs. Maybe I am wrong?
In all the media, first thing they mention (relating to this calendar) is Louboutin`s statement from 2011 how his shoes are not meant to be comfortable and how he hates comfort.. yadda yadda - we all know it. Well the guy needs to sell his story and his shoes and whether it is true or just good/quirky/revolting/smart/odd/surreal marketing trick - I don`t know.
I like this calendar. It is a bit quirky but it doesn’t make me sick. Should it? Am I insensitive of some bigger/social issue? I do see how some could bring this calendar into reference to amputation and disabled persons, but I don`t see blood or any indication of mutilation. We all have those finger-to-elbow-arm-shaped jewellery stands at home and nobody questioned manufacturers for their not so appealing products. OK, I am lying. I don`t have that thingy at home. I find it ugly and revolting, so there. Double standards.
From an aesthetic point of view, these legs are beautifully arranged in luxurious sets. The whole set/angle of the photo compliments the shoes and follows the whole story of high class merchandise.
Expensive. I wonder could I at least afford the boxes? or A box?
And in the end, I totally understand why he went this way. Maybe he did want to appal, draw more attention or whatever, or maybe that didn`t even crossed his mind; but I know this - seeing the product on "someone", or at least to see how a shoe fits and goes with the leg (foot, calf) is somewhat a defining and deciding moment for some buyers. Sometimes I see a shoe and it looks so ugly, but then seeing it on mine or someone else’s leg - it can be seen in a different light and look WAY better.
Then again, that can (and usually does) go the other way too.
What do you think?
Surrealism or gory and revolting?

DIY red circle skirt

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Just a little sneak preview of what I`ve been doing lately. I wanted a red flare, full circle skater skirt and to be honest, they are hard to find in stores. Nearly impossible. There was one in H&M but it was too short and did not quite embodied the "look" I was going for. And buying on line is not quite my cup of tea since I  had my share of bad choices of on line shopping, and 80% of purchased items end up to be the wrong size no matter the extensive measurements taken. 

Preparing for this little DIY I scoured the web extensively and found quite a number of really, really good DIY blog posts. While I tried to do mine from A pair & a spair, I ended up doing the simpler version, without the zipper, just using the elastic waist band to make it fit. 
In my first attempt I made two 5.5 cm pleats, front and back, but ended up with something funky in the middle of the back, from each side of the zipper - unwanted pleats. So, I ended up removing the pleats altogether and the zipper. It was a good idea, and the waistband gave the skirt "natural" pleats. YAY!

How I tailored the fabric? Easy-peasy. Just follow instructions from A pair & a spair and don`t forget to adjust to your own measurements.

Big thanks to lovely Geneva from A pair & a spair for great instructions and tons of resources.

 If you would like to check out other great DIY resource on how to make a circle skirt you can always browse Pinterest, I found some great finds there.

This is it!
Stay tuned for my red skirt related post with real, honest-to-god whole body outfit post of me wearing the skirt. Yeah, I know, these never happen. Like, never!

Until then you can check out this idea for my next project - tulle skirt. This one seems very simple,
the best I think, that I found so far.
I only need to buy tulle. 
I`ve been thinking of doing the simple white one, but also something like this. Yes. Polka dot tulle. 


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Pradasphere is a collection of archival objects arranged to reveal the complex obsessions of one of the world`s most influential brands. From across diverse fields of creative and cultural activity emerge core ideas - beauty, taste, embellishment, gender, vanity and power - that are repeatedly interrogated. At once an aesthetic journey and a type of critique enacted through everyday objects, Pradasphere is also a celebration of exquisite craftsmanship, a paean to the rare, and a wholehearted endorsement of the stylistic iconoclast. ~ Pradasphere PR

Prada. What to say? Its a magical word for a magical world of contradictions and endless elaborations, "where idealism meets vanity, intelligence meets passion, fashion meets fiction."

Pradasphere (held at Harrods from May 2) is a collection of everything Prada, made in decades of hard, crazy work full of inspiration from fashion, art, architecture, film, music - the world. It is a crazy universe where anything is possible and nothing is impossible. Everything is an inspiration and the world is your oyster. Have you ever seen anything from Prada that you didn`t like? At least you admired it, its passion for creating, craftsmanship or quirkiness. All in all, you can`t get past Prada without some reaction. Like it or not, it leaves a mark on you. 

The centrepiece of Pradasphere comprises six towering showcases dedicated to the central themes that have distinguished the work of Prada. The displays combine ensembles from multiple collections to demonstrate the recurrent concepts present in the products. In addition, the exhibition includes: heritage items from the Prada archives; shoes and bags from past collections organised by theme; examples of exquisite fabrics and materials; a Prada history wall that links the design collections with all of the extracurricular projects, from Fondazione Prada to Luna Rossa; a screening room presenting short films from directors such as Roman Polanski, Wes Anderson, Ridley Scott, and Yang Fudong; architectural projects from Rem Koolhaas/oma and Herzog & de Meuron; and a library of publications, both physical and digital.
A private lounge is adjacent to the exhibition space. The walls and ceiling of the intimate room are wrapped entirely in deep green velvet that matches the Clover Leaf sofas—a revival of Verner Panton’s modern classic reproduced exclusively for Prada—that furnish the space. The contrast created between the black-and-white carpeted floor and the velvet-covered walls adds to the aura of contemporary luxury.

Harrods’ windows represent Prada’s multifaceted identity. Prada’s design philosophy, is evident in the recurrent themes and motifs combined in each window. The windows also reference Prada’s contributions to popular culture, art, architecture, and film, revealing the complexity of the company’s approach to fashion.

Directly alongside the Pradasphere exhibition, is the Marchesi café, patisserie, and restaurant.

It would be amazing and a dream come true to be able to visit this exhibit and to see the work of one of the most influential and amazing designers in the world. I know I would probably have a heart attack right there and would want to buy it all, but it would totally be worth it. It would be an honor to witness this art in person.

May the fourth be with you // Vans X Star Wars

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May 4th is the "official" unofficial holiday created by fans of the famous movie series Star Wars. I am no "warior" but I kind of like all the fuss connected to the movies and sure, Sheldon played a significant part in remembering the phrase from the title. 

With that in mind it seems appropriate to mention this collaboration - Vans x Star Wars.

Vans takes off to a galaxy far, far away for an out-of-this-world collection featuring characters from the original Star Wars trilogy. The Force is strong in this intergalactic offering of exclusive Vault by Vans footwear. By combining heritage Vans silhouettes with iconic Star Wars characters, both entities present a truly unique capsule this universe has not yet seen.
~ Vans PR
This is a a highly limited and coveted assortment of footwear under Vans’ premium label, Vault by Vans. With less than 300 pairs of each style produced, this Vault by Vans special assortment will be available exclusively at six retailers across the galaxy sometime in May.

    image via HuffPost

Talking about Star Wars, do you remember the Rodarte collection from February?
I would totally pair these slip-ons from the last photo with Rodarte dress. 

May the force be with you.