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"normcore" the trend of - normal

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Can you believe this?! 
I just learned that this "trend" exists too. Seems as though, I have been in a bit of a absence from the fashion world last few weeks and missed the coronation of the latest new trend - dressing normal.

Now, the definition of normal is so relative these days. It is so relative that defining it makes the defining it self - redundant in a way. People have "developed", grown and thrived through centuries in so many ways that normality as a term of describing behaviors specific for our society has, well, changed. Drastically. And that in a way is the beauty of it. 
On one side we have society's permission to wear what we find normal for us, without the fear of being  labeled in some negative way. But on the other side, we have a constant pressure to be original, different and new. That pressure can, at times, be overwhelming. Both for society and individual. 

Even though the society has granted us premission to have our own "normal", it seems like in the end it doesn`t accept us if our normal is not the new normal. Usually it is just some plain, boring normal without any style. The fashion world is searching for the next new thing, the next new "normal" relentlessly and as it seems they have hit a road block in terms of trends. BIG NEW TRENDS. 
Fashion repeats it self, just like history. And it is no wonder that this world, our world, in terms of fashion needs a course of repetition. It needs to blow some steam off. It is fed up of all the running all the time, of painstakingly searching for something else in the world where most of the thing have been invented, found, tried and lived. It is hard to be and stay original. 

So, the only thing left is to re-invent. What is the better way than to forge a new name for an old trend. Which is not a trend itself at all. Something that was once frowned upon by "fashion people" is now celebrated as a next new trend. OH the IRONY!

I find this amusing and silly, ingenious and a bit snobbish. But the silver linning is -  it will give  me the opportunity to be fashionable when I am not even trying. Talking about this makes me think of terms "fashionable" and "stylish", well... you don`t need to be trendy to be stylish. 

After this rather long introduction, I present you with next new trend - NORMCORE. Inspired by miss Chelsea.

top / jeans / silver / black / top

Even more ironical is that in wikipedia, normcore is defined as anti-fashion. I laughed so hard. Right, so anti-fashion.

The new term refers to understated, nondescript style. It encompasses the desire to fit in rather than stand out.
But still, it is fashion. Just maybe not so loud. Keelping low profile, not standing out is just its current philosophy and societal position. When this gets out (Vogue is already talking about it, so its just the matter of time) it will become mainstream, which means bye-bye anti-anything and understatement and hello world. The silliest thing in wiki description is the part how nomcore is a response to hipster subculture. Funny, how it is opposed to hipsters but it lies on same grounds. I can`t wait where this will end up. Can`t stop laughing.

But, seriously though, I like this new trend. 

Sports socks, high waisted trousers and beanies are all considered 'Normcore' items.

Correct me if I am wrong, but weren`t beanies a huge trend few years back?

The most cited person when it comes to normcore is Jeremy Lewis, the founder/editor of Garmento and a freelance stylist and fashion writer.  As Jeremy states, "right now a lot of people use fashion as a means to buy rather than discover an identity and they end up obscured and defeated."

Seriously, dude?

Lewis continues and explains the essence of normcore - "It's a very flat look, conspicuously unpretentious". Again, SERIOUSLY, dude?!

Honestly, I don`t give a rats ass (pardon my french) about what is cool, not cool, in or out, trend or my biggest faux pass in the history of bad taste. Its just hilarious how staying under the radar, being unpretentious and with "identity" for some people nowadays means creating a new trend that advocates totally opposite values. Hypocrite, much?

I don˙t know if I maybe misunderstood all of this, what normcore really is, but I think that having a need to stand out from standing out is, well - standing out. "I like the idea that one doesn't need their clothes to make a statement." - and this right there, that move, that sentence is in fact a STATEMENT! And the way you dress to not dress, the way you are not making a statement with your appereance - you are making a statement. 
To be honest, I didn`t think that this topic will lead me here and that post of this proportions will be made. Chelsea inspired me, and the more I gave it thought, more I realized how exactly I felt about it.

My version of normcore is maybe not so true normcore at all... but since the philosophy of normcore is simplicity and our own identity, I guess, I can`t go wrong, right?

I cannot help but wonder (totally channeling my inner Carrie), if this second outfit collage really is normcore? By what I can see posted all over internet  - it is not. Normcore seems to be a certain trend with defining set of "rules" of what to wear to be normcore. Certain wardrobe staples make your look more or less normcore, and they are very distinctive. If you try to build your normcore outfit following their philosophy early described with few quotes (remember those words - unpretentious, laid back, not caring ... etc.) I don`t think my second pick is anywhere near normcore. Although it is simple, comfy, casual and laid back, it still doesn`t follow those defining rules that make someone normcore. And since this trend has very distinctive and defining set of rules that make its essence, it is far far from being unpretentious. If you really don`t care, then, dude - don`t care. 
Stop wearing Nike, Birkenstocks, NB or whatever and buy friggin` walmart stuff for 10 $. 
End of story.

Finally, in the end, what is my take on this? Yay or nay? Honestly, yes. To a certain point. What I am trying to say is, I like the casual sense of this trend. Just put some clothes on and go on your merry way. And that is it. The rest, so called philosophy - I would prefer hipsters. They seem a bit less hypocrite about it all.

To see how much normcore, or at all, are you, take this quiz.

Startas sneaker of Croatia

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STARTAS is a Croatian sneakers brand. Startas sneakers are hand made, produced in Croatia and made from natural materials.   

 They are sold in several basic models, white, red, blue and black. Also they come in few different more creative models.

Startas sneakers are a big hit in Croatia, kin of like TOMS in the states. It is not unusual to see basic white models to be decorated, painted and embellished into little pieces of art.  There are no limits. 
Visit their FB page for more photos and be sure to scroll all the way down to peek at those amazingly decorated models. 

amazing, right?!

And next time, I will introduce you with Startas` bigger sister - Borosana. That is one crazy shoe. Believe me.

The Everygirl's 30 Day Challenge: 30 Days of Journaling

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Finally a challenge I can start on time, although if you are trying to be better self, to live with intention and to be inspired in life, living to the fullest - any time is good for a challenge that brings more quality to our lives.

That being said, I usually do end up being late to an interesting challenge, which de-motivates me in the beginning. But not this time!!!

30 days of journaling, starts on April 1st, so I do have time to start necessary preparations and to start on time. Exciting, right? I do have a journal. A nice, big, van Gogh inspired journal I got from my friend, and it has been laying around for years, waiting for a perfect opportunity. I so lack motivation. But hopefully this challenge will be a success.

Feeling totally excited about this little challenge and in the spirit of planning and preparing it is only natural to browse the web for lovely and inspiring journals and notebooks. Stationery. Oh god. A girl can never have too much notebooks, cute pencils and glittery papers. Just like shoes. Don`t you agree?

All items are from here. Journals wallpapers candle mug

Spring mood board

~ ~
Spring is finally here. Although you wouldn`t say that by the looks of my outfit.
Temperatures are still a bit funky and low, but hopfully it will get better.
Inspired by flowers? What has gotten into me? But, I have been daydreaming about sun, laying in the grass, looking up at the sky and cherry blossoms.
A picnic under the sun.
Bike rides and flower crowns.
Spring has sprung.
And by the looks of this collage have a floral fever.
That`s a first.
For item info follow link or scroll and click on items below.

Big lashes Nude lips

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This is by far my favorite way to go when it comes to make up. Big, bold, feathery lashes, with lush but demure, nude lip.
It is simple, easy to do and very effective look, that can be used for daytime and night. You just need to adjust the size of your lashes accordingly.

Although a red lip can pick up any outfit and give a special staple to one`s look, this dreamy and soft look with rich eyelashes is something special. Magical and seductive.

And all you need (except for perfect complexion of course) is just a few things to accentuate your eyes and to soften your lips.

Good words are worth much, and cost little

~ ~
~ by George Herbert

And what does this have to with anything, namely fashion?

"From collaborations with Coca-Cola (Ashish) to ethical statements (Kenzo), [...] designers dug out their dictionaries to add an expressive element to their collections." And words are everywhere. From crazy bold and loud Luis Vuitton and DKNY to quirky notes from Sister by Sibling, designers decided to freshen up our spring outfits.

Do we like? In general, no. I personally don’t like word statements splashed across my boobies, or any other part of my body for that matter. With exceptions of tattoos. Clothes with bold wordings are a bit too loud for me, but I kind of have one sweater with text on it, so I could say I would maybe go for some quirky statement in fashion of Miss Spade. But the rest is a big no-no.

For the sake of the argument, let’s take a step back from a subjective perspective and look at this trend from (just) aesthetical angle.

Dior, for example has incorporated their words into perfectly crafted and very feminine designs that go with the signs just, well perfectly. With their floral prints, words mentioning gardens finish the spring story like a cherry on a cake. For me it was a job well done, although I personally would prefer something else from house of Dior, a bit less floral, but still amazingly chic.
Missoni did an "interesting" thing, incorporating letters into kind of wave-y pattern, playing with contrasting colours created an pattern with their name but not so "obvious". In a way predictable, but still better than sewing the letters of your brand across the chest. You hear me Paul&Joe?

A. Wang’s parental advisory notice. Cool, quirky and totally in the mood of the current quirkiness. Although it reminds me of something I could buy on Romwe or some similar site. In a way I like that step "down" to the masses although its price it way beyond the reach of the masses that buy on Romwe. Not that Romwe sucks. My wallet does. And so does my salary. But that is not the title of our story.

My personal favourite is the "word" collection from Ch. Kane. So soft, pastel and floral in a different kind of way. The way I can embrace in its fool bloom. Pun intended.

 All in all the word got out so we can expect for world to go crazy for this trend. Are you in on the bandwagon or not?

quote &images via Style.com

Lagerfeld’s London Collection Revealed

~ ~
THE countdown for Karl Lagerfeld's first British store is on!
The store is opening March 13, and his capsule collection has been revealed to get us all in the mood. The collection will be available in the new Regent Street flagship.
The range includes ready-to-wear, such as jumpers bearing Lagerfeld's face and a Union Jack flag and distressed jeans, all inspired by London's "rock-chic aesthetic", as a press release reads.
"It's the accessories that have most caught our eye though - think fingerless gloves akin to Lagerfeld's own pair, a Choupette keyring and a limited-edition Lagerfeld tokidoki doll - the latter of which would be a welcome addition to any Chanel fan's desk.". Vogue UK

Personally I have expected more. But in a way, this truly is Karl and in the end we have to take into account that Chanel, whom we love so much, is not Karl and Karl is not Chanel.
I for sure wouldn`t mind to own this Union Jack sweatshirt. Or the bag.
You can see the rest of the collection here.

photos via Vogue.uk