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Tricks of the trade

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tricks of the trade

"Tricks of the trade" is a new series of posts here on NCS that will feature interesting tricks and/or tools when it comes to blogging. Precisely, how to be a savvy bloger internet or technical wise. For my first post I decided to share with you my latest discovery - Fotofuse. Fotofuse is an internet tool for making your photos better. Better how? Let me tell you a secret...

Fotofuse is a tool that can help you with your layout photos that have bad backgrounds due to bad lighting etc. Of course, it would be great to have all the means and conditions to take the perfect photo on your own but when this fails this is where Fotofuse steps in. Removing too dark backgrounds from your photos in few seconds is both very practical and time saving. No more photoshoping although, don`t get me wrong, taking crappy photos (like I often do, shame on me) is not going to change with this tool, it helps a bit but does not change the fact that you need to do your best when taking photos.

Here it is how it works. You visit the site, upload the photo, select the items on your photo which you would like to leave original and click away! Wait a few seconds and your photo is done.

Lets see how I did.

Reserved skirts

Reserved skirts_after


What do you think? Would you use it? Tell me some of your great tricks of the trade, I would like to learn something new.

Fall closet cleaning

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fall closet cleaning

Seasons change and now is the perfect time for fall closet cleaning. Just before it gets really cold, and you put away all your summer and transitional clothes, it is time to revise, clean and get rid of everything and anything you don`t need.

How to do a successful fall closet cleaning? What should you leave and what needs to go? Do not worry my friend, here are some easy steps to help you make that hard decision (trust me, we have all been there) and part with that shirt or pair of pants you kept in the back of your closet for past few seasons and never even showed them to the world.

Although we are used to the term "spring cleaning", any season really is good to dive into your always full closet, because, let’s face it, how many of us are blessed with THAT big closets?

First thing is really to make a decision and stick to it. No matter how hard it may seem, if any item checks a box from this list it needs to go. Being sentimental is understandable but really do you need a 10 years old sweater that collects dust at the back of your closet just because you had it at some event that is a great memory. Yes, I am all for great memories and cherishing them, but not in the back of the closet. It only means it’s not that important.

  1. Will I wear it in next month/season?

The everlasting question to which, of course we always say - YES! although we know it deep down we never will. By hoarding stuff you are just working against yourself, getting more and more drowned in things you don`t really need or wear so no wonder you have nothing to wear. Maybe you do, but can you find it?

  1. Stains that aren`t coming out

If you gave it all your shots, dry-cleaners and/or even tried with alien substances and the stain is still there - it needs to go. Only if you plan to wash your windows or floors with it, and we have equipment for that nowadays you know - throw it away.

  1. Would you buy it right this second?

If the answer is NO, the course of your actions should be only one - get rid of it. Thinking about whether you will wear it in the next few months is tricky, because if it’s something summer-y and now is winter time I can relate to your dilemma, but ask yourself this - if I were now in the store buying super duper clothes for that particular season would I buy that particular item? No? Garbage or sell or give it to someone, just don`t put it back in the closet.

  1. Does it fit?

Yes, no... maybe? Will it fit in a week? Too big or too small? Do you plan on that big of a change? Are you on a diet? It doesn’t fit. Throw it away.

N.B. There is one exception to this rule. If you have a favourite pair of jeans, that makes your ass look like better than the most beautiful but photo-shopped ass ever, and plan to wear them in the near future and are in fact on a path to make that happen - then leave it for 12 weeks. If at the end of those 12 weeks you are (or) never near the goal or worse quitted your path/plan in first 4 weeks - get rid of them. They don`t mean that much to you :) and more important, they don`t fit. Been there, done that. It is disappointing at times but in the end we need to be honest with ourselves. If we won`t work for it... we won`t have it.

  1. Does it express your style?

If you bought it on a whim, or because it was trendy at the time but it doesn’t really speak you or your personal style - it needs to go. Trust me; you will never wear it no matter how much you try. If you just don`t feel it - you don`t feel it. Trends come and go but your style is your style and it is something you feel from inside out, no matter if it changes with time, but it expresses you.

For example I have a strange love/hate (I am not sure if that is even a proper name for it) relationship with floral print. I LOVE it on other people but can even imagine it on myself. And when I see an item in the store, it can totally ooze with wonderful pattern and call me softly "buy me, I`m so pretty" in the end when I try it on... it’s just... blah. And I have never ever bought anything floral. On the other hand I made that mistake and bought a peplum blouse. It’s still hanging in the closet (which reminds me, I need to put it up for sale), I`ve worn it maybe 2-3 times and felt totally strange. I don` even know why. Needs to go!

  1. a) this one relates to number 5. Buying trends... well, it is kind of self-explanatory, if it`s a trend, it won`t be at one time for sure but then ask yourself one important question - no matter the current trend situations would you like to wear it in a year or two great, but if not - don`t even buy it let alone leave it in your closet.

Bonus points - if its torn, stretched beyond recognition or if it, god, smells odd (and you keep that in your closet?!) you should really clean your closet more often and definitely throw that one right away.

I hope these points helped you with your decisions for fall closet cleaning challenge. It can be hard and I too prolong the inevitable more than I would like to even admit to. But in the end we live such crazy lives and get cluttered with immense amount of things every day, so to keep our lives de-cluttered and more flow-y as much as we can, at least we can get rid of what we really don`t need. The clothes you don`t need and is still wearable donate to goodwill and those less fortunate.

And tell me, how often do you clean your closets? What method are you using to stay on track with your de-cluttering? I would like to know. I clean my closet 2-3 times a year but I feel I could do even more.

Share your great tips with me <3
photo credit /photo was edited by me and is submitted to same CC license as the original

Currently craving - Green and gemstones

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Need I say more? These are pure perfection and no wonder I am a "shoe" person. Green and gems? Yes please. Although I should be looking for boots I am still not ready to let summer go.

New in - silver shoes

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 silver shoes

I have a big love to manlike shoes. I just adore them. Also, I have a big love for shinny objects so it was only natural for me to buy this pair at F21 the second I saw them. I could wear them all the time. And the most fun part are the reactions of people around me asking why did I buy them. Because I liked them, of course. But they just don`t understand. I even got a new nick name - Spaceman.

Can`t wait to show you my all pink girl outfit paired with these! Wore it few days a go on a beer date with my hubby.
What can I say, I`m a sucker for the ugly shoe. Remember these?  I still can`t get over them.

Soft paws - my furry babies

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While my initial plan was to post something form "Blogging 101" series (that is still not a real series edition but I am so working on that) I decided to introduce you all with my/our furry family members. Since we don`t have children and I absolutely adore animals it is only natural to have a pet or two. Or four. We are talking about three cats and one dog. They are all rescue animals and have been with us some for 3 years and one little baby barely a week.

They are my babies. I love them more than anything in the world and each day they amaze me how different they all are and how much character they actually have. To me they are not just animals, pets, cats and a dog. They have their personae, characters and people who treat cats and dogs just as animals that populate Earth with us just as trees and stones, they won`t understand what I am talking about. These guys are my family. Our Family.

The first one that came to our little family is Mirko. The big drama queen that was rescued on our vacation at sea side and brought home at approximate age of 1.5/2 yrs. He is a silky silver/gray tabbby cat who would loved to be the only cat, dramatically ruling his kingdom as he pleases. He is what you call, a real cat. Hard headed vain diva who will allow you to pet him when and only when he wants it to. Usually its at the least convenient time for us. But when he comes to you for his pet-time he is the most gentle and attentive cat ever. He snuggles so hard as if he is a baby kitten trying to hide from the world in his moms arms. He is always on the lookout, worrying there is some one to get him. Drama queen.

The Stoner and the most chilled cat ever is the second addition to our family and is named Slavko. Orange with lush soft fur, relaxed as if he is stoned beyond limits, he will allow you to do anything to him as long as you pet and feed him. He is also a notorious food kleptomaniac. People, watch your plates! He was abandoned in the city, all skinny and hungry advertised on social networks and while my husband intended him as a present to our friend that "lost" her cats at the time, Slavko stayed with us. And yes he looks just like Garfield. So the food issue was not a surprise. Plates people, plates!

After these two got along (about a year or so after the first cat came to us) and Mirko accepted the fact that some "commoners" are being brought to his kingdom but hoped that that one was the only one, something imaginable happened. Some big, strange creature came along, sniffing and drooling and it was really big! Guys spent three days camping up high on a refrigerator until they got used to our new addition - dog. He was a 10/12 years old rescue dog (we named him Ben) that had numerous health problems, behavior problems and was attacking both people and other dogs. Now he is one of the most calm, gentle and caring creatures I have ever met. But watch out for your plates. He was probably hungry a lot so will eat almost anything.

The last but not the least is a five months, completely blind kitty called Ozren. But we call him Ozy. He came to us 5 days ago and I can`t imagine my life without him. He is not at all disabled by his lack of sight. It is amazing how he manages through our house, we even found him on top of a AC unit, just chillin`, you know.  And the way all of them just clicked together is beyond words. He is completely black, his eyes were infected with virus thus taken out and he has one white mustache. He is the coolest cat ever. He plays with toys, climbs anything and everything, catches flies and butterflies just like any "normal" cat would do. He plans to join a circus, be a champion snuggle-ball and never grow up. Kitties are the best!

Now I just need one group photo. A family portrait.

Trip to Vienna

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Vienna. Charming and warm city of kings where the old meets the new in perfect harmony. I had the pleasure to spent few days wondering the streets. Unfortunately it was a really short trip, only two days, but still I had the time to browse a city a little bit, do some shopping and enjoy the crowded streets of Austrian capital city.

I was amazed how clean the city is. Amazing. Since it was a city of kings it is only natural to keep up the appearances, and look more than presentable. Its architecture is magnificent, what I loved the most is the combination of old and the new. Stone and glass. How hundreds of years  meet something made almost yesterday. The combination is amazing. The old structure has not been compromised by the new adaptation or addition. The city lives on but respects and cherishes the heritage. And have I mentioned how incredibly clean Vienna is. Amazing. As I said.

Museums and churches, fashion and culture, Starbucks and the most amazing ribs in my favorite Viennese brewery 15-16 are the staples of my journey. It was not the first time I was there but I am sure not the last either. Next time hopefully I will stay for a longer period.

What can I say about shopping? I raided F21 and Primark, since you know, we don`t have them in Croatia and I can only look the windows of Prada & Co. I went to few second hand stores, found really nice things but also that they are quite a bit pricy. QUITE! So, SHS did not go well, but at least I got the chance to feast my eyes on some really nice vintage pieces. French. Vintage. Be still my heart.

All in all I loved Vienna really much, but Prague somehow left a bigger impact. Maybe because I was there longer and had more time to really soak the city in. There is no need to say London is another story all together. Anyhoo, its been a long time since I`ve been on the move, so I won`t complain. Who knows where I will go next?! Kitchen probably.
What is your favorite city you`ve been to?