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DIY inspiration - exposed zipper

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While browsing pinterest for the best "how to" regarding zippers I came across this cool video about exposed zippers. Polka dot zippers? Say what?!

Needless to say I fell in love with the designs, the idea and the lovely Gretchen herself. This is something I will SO try to DIY (that almost sounds like a rhyme, right?), I just need to get my hands on some funky zippers.

Talking about zippers, when I started drafting this post, alongside posting this video I took the liberty to see what is the general situation on zippers available. On the internet, of course. In this godforsaken wilderness of a country where I live, zippers are classic and not that creative. They come in different colors but that is it. Ok and different sizes but that is not the problem if you are on a hunt for a silvery glitter one or something with a pattern. Ebay here I come.

If you type int he obvious - polka dot zipper - you are in a lot of disappointment, because you get one big fat nothing when you hit the button.
Decorative zipper? No luck there.

Google, my friend.

So I found these and these but was not much impressed by any of them. Is this it? Is it that unusual to ask for a simple glitter/polka dot/maybe occasional star or a hart patterned zipper?

Guess so.

Etsy has some cute finds though. And that is about it. Very disappointing.
If anyone by any chance finds out where to buy these, please let me know. I will be for ever in you debt. Thank you.


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