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Birthday wishlist

~ ~

work wishlistmesh tank top // bra // skirt // boots


gym wishlist

Pants // Sneakers // Bra // Clutch


office wishlist



Planer // Pencils //Pompoms //Earbuds //I`m very busy //Thermos


I am officially old. Like a Bible. Just kidding. I am not yet officially. At least not until tomorrow.

So my B-day came a-knocking and I can only say goodbye 30, did you really have to go?

I hope this 31 year of my life will be better than the 30th was in terms of business. I have the love of my life, my health and I can say I am OK and happy.

So I could you some professional boost, an upgrade if you will. And a lottery win would help me so much with this birthday wishlist above.


These are some of the pretty things my heart desires and would love love to own some day. I know it is not all in material possession but that is not our current subject, lets leave that for tomorrow when a years review of personal achievement can be done.

 Honestly I can`t wait for tomorrow.


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