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Vintage typewriter

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A typewriter. Vintage typewriter. And it is all mine.

Best. Birthday present. Ever.


I have been wanting to raid my moms house to find her old, retro but not vintage, still very cool typewriter. I can still remember how I used to "play" with it. I was awed with it from the first moment my mom showed it to me. Like an instant and unbreakable bond formed, a bond that would tell me so much, if only I listened.

I remember typing incessantly and eagerly although I was just a kid and not a writer. It was inspiring and fun, I role played I was a famous writer with this big big brain filled with most interesting stories that people were hungry for. Little did I know that those dreams could have came true (that they still can is a subject for another time) if only I had more (grit) courage. My mom was always there to help, nurture and develop any of interests and talents my brother and I displayed, supported us through  each and every project and crazy idea. Dad too. But still, I was always and still am very insecure about my work. Any work. Steve says that is a mark of a true artist.

This trip down to the memory lane awoke some strange and cute, somewhat overly eager little emotions that are (most likely) delusional in their belief that some serious writing will be done. Just remember how your fingers hurt, hitting those keys, this little voice says. So it is decided. This typewriter will be the most cherished item in my house and will most probably appear in many vintage related photo shoots I have planed for.

Can`t wait to shoot some secretary pin up inspired photos for this little project I am planning. Sounds like it could be fun for a long haul so, super excited.




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