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Trend report: Ripped denim skirt

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Denim comes in many guises, not just the traditional pair of jeans.

Designers really love denim for its versatility and with each season we have some new way to wear it. From classic denim, to even denim suits and swimsuits denim can never go out of style. And it appears that there is nothing that this durable material cannot be made into.

Almost every single woman has something denim in her wardrobe, especially jeans. Whether it is classic, worn-out, ripped or even decorated.

This summer is all about ripped denim, especially when it comes to skirts. Pencil or mini, ripped denim skirt is all the rage and all you will need to be trendy, not only for the summer but for all the seasons to come. I am already picturing them paired with knee-high boots for fall.

ripped denim skirt

This season’s trend gem can be worn almost in any occasion that does not require formal attire. Paired up with (sky) high heels, its an instant chic outfit. Wear it with slouchy oversized shirts and sweaters, white button-downs or even silk blouses. If you are going for a more casual outfit wear the skirt with a pair of chucks - perfect for strolls and sight-seeing on your vacation.

Personally I am more of a pant person when it comes to ripped jeans. Although I do like how girls are wearing this trend, I just can`t see it on myself. My tribute to ripped jeans trend would be made with ripped shorts. Pure perfection.

ripped denim shorts

And I would always, without any doubt opt for a chic ripped pair of skinny jeans. I find them incredibly sexy, feminine in a very casual way but so undoubtedly chic.



What is your take on ripped denim skirts and on denim in general?  Do you usually follow trends and buy trendy clothes or are you more of a "from here to eternity" kind of gal?

I would love to know what you think.

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