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January recap

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The first month of 2015 is behind us. 30+ days went by in a flash. I did so much, but I know I could`ve done much more. At the end of 2014 I was writing up my goals, resolutions and plans for 2015, for the first months to catch the momentum so my year would have a solid start for great (new) adventures. My resolution was to try whatever opportunity life gave me, so I did. More or less. One of my resolutions, plans and milestones was to have a recap at the end of each month and evaluate the month passed. So, this is my first and grand January recap.

In January I had 8 posts, less than last years 13, but more than in December 2014. The numbers are not really the reason I post, but keep in mind that, like it or not, we people do love numbers. In all the shapes and sizes, but that does not mean we don`t care about quality as well. For me, if it were all about the numbers I would have given up on blogging a long time ago. And with that in mind, I know I should post more, but resistance sometimes gets the best of me. So I post when I feel like it. I struggle sometimes with themes and subjects of my posts, and I try to avoid posting for sake of posting. All in all, I am OK with the way the year started, blog wise. And here`s to improvement!

Of all other plans and ideas to check of my 2015 resolution list, I checked the "go back to sketching" one. I even added some water coloring.

I upped my game on Instagram, took more photos, kept my 5 minute journal at OK level. I practice gratefulness and intention every day, and recognize signs of opportunity one by one.

Eating healthier after holiday craze is also on fast track to success. A lot of veggies and less and less crap. Eating fast food is (again) becoming unappealing for me more each day and I am so happy about it since I am such a junkie. Or, was. Yay!

january outfitsSome January outfits that made grey, gloomy rainy days a bit brighter and happier. Although I was at work only for 7.5 days before sick leave was reinforced and PJs were back on schedule as all day dressing attire.

All in all January was good and I am thankful for the way it turned out. I met one amazing woman and had so many great ideas and made some plans, so I look forward to the future and making this January recap even more successful February recap. Hello February and welcome.

How was your January? Do you like how your year started and what was the most memorable moment in last 30 days?

Mine was when I really spent the day away from procrastinating on Pinterest or TV, but read, sketched, cooked and had a great day, almost totally unplugged. I was so surprised how natural it was for me to spend it that way. Maybe it was just what I needed. I guess I just need to listen more carefully.

Tell me about your month and what are your plans for February.


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