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Shades of grey // the winter edition

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shades of grey_collage1 shades of grey_collage2 shades of grey_collage3

Days have never been as gloomy as past few days. Rain and heavy clouds, wind and cold that just keeps creeping in right to the bone. It seems that the world around me is in infinite shades of grey. I prefer my winter more white, to be honest. Since the internet is currently being spammed by salves of people rumbling about THE movie, here is my contribution on the subject. Shade wise.

When it comes to fashion, on the other hand, and art, design, decor etc. grey is one of the colors I really like. I have to say my winter months are mostly spent in black and/or grey, but at the same time they don`t make me gloomy or depressed as the weather does.

Somehow black and grey give me the strength and I feel very confident and powerful wearing them. For me there is something soothing in color grey. So Zen. (although today I am wearing pastel pink, stripes and leopard)

How do you spend your winter months, wearing blacks and greys or maybe more bright colors to clash with boring weather? Is your mood influenced by colors? Tell me, I would really like to know.
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