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Mix and match: stripes and leopard print go together

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When I woke up this morning it was Monday again, another week of "house arrest" which in general is not bad and I kind of like it, but at times one can go crazy of all the TV and internet stuff. At times like these I usually read a book (or take a nap) or resort to crafting of some kind (I didn`t say I finish what I start) but today was not a day for books or crafts. It was a stripes and leopard print kind of a day.

It was a "I can shoot my own outfits, all by my self" kind of a day. No biggie. I can`t say that these photos are super quality but at least I had fun chasing our cats out of the "shooting area". Boys really are photogenic but they had their chance...

stripes and leopard printstripes and leopard printstripes and leopard printstripes and leopard printstripes and leopard print

That stripes and leopard print go together is a well know fact and one of my favorite examples of mix and match.

I can imagine few more fun mixes, like stripes with floral or with dots, but this one is really something special. And I am not sure if you will ever witness me wearing anything floral (I have a strange issue with flowery clothes) even if it were paired up with (my all time favorite)  - stripes.

And I am totally amazed how intensive my hair color is! I have to say I don`t see it that way in the mirror. Crazy hair. How do you like the color?

I am wearing a thrifted leopard print blazer/shirt, H&M striped tee & hat, Sisely jeans and F21 silver shoes, vogue eye wear.


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