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Currently loving: Jewelry - History + Industry

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Currently loving: Jewelry - History + Industry

Metal, wood, semi-precious stones. Contemporary design that meets artifact heritage. All hand crafted in mesmerizing staple pieces of jewelry that captures the essence of magical femininity. Bold but feminine, with ability to transform any look and to leave eternity's worth of impressions. You can bet I am currently loving this amazing jewelry from History + Industry made by talented Irene Wood.

Although I am more of a minimalistic gold neck pieces lately I could not turn my head away from their instagram account that first introduced me to the brand. History + Industry is Brooklyn based studio that makes really stunning pieces of art. The owner has strong art history and knows her way around the stones. I love how all these materials are combined in perfect harmonious statement necklaces without being too much or chaotic. I feel like every necklace has its own personal story and such strong energy oozes from each one, like the stones give them special powers and makes them alive.

Besides necklaces, you can find amazing earrings and bracelets that are equally captivating in beauty of the design.


Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored, I just like the brand.


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