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Trip to Vienna

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Vienna. Charming and warm city of kings where the old meets the new in perfect harmony. I had the pleasure to spent few days wondering the streets. Unfortunately it was a really short trip, only two days, but still I had the time to browse a city a little bit, do some shopping and enjoy the crowded streets of Austrian capital city.

I was amazed how clean the city is. Amazing. Since it was a city of kings it is only natural to keep up the appearances, and look more than presentable. Its architecture is magnificent, what I loved the most is the combination of old and the new. Stone and glass. How hundreds of years  meet something made almost yesterday. The combination is amazing. The old structure has not been compromised by the new adaptation or addition. The city lives on but respects and cherishes the heritage. And have I mentioned how incredibly clean Vienna is. Amazing. As I said.

Museums and churches, fashion and culture, Starbucks and the most amazing ribs in my favorite Viennese brewery 15-16 are the staples of my journey. It was not the first time I was there but I am sure not the last either. Next time hopefully I will stay for a longer period.

What can I say about shopping? I raided F21 and Primark, since you know, we don`t have them in Croatia and I can only look the windows of Prada & Co. I went to few second hand stores, found really nice things but also that they are quite a bit pricy. QUITE! So, SHS did not go well, but at least I got the chance to feast my eyes on some really nice vintage pieces. French. Vintage. Be still my heart.

All in all I loved Vienna really much, but Prague somehow left a bigger impact. Maybe because I was there longer and had more time to really soak the city in. There is no need to say London is another story all together. Anyhoo, its been a long time since I`ve been on the move, so I won`t complain. Who knows where I will go next?! Kitchen probably.
What is your favorite city you`ve been to?


MateaTpol said...

Pa nadam se da cemo se vec jednom uhvatiti i naci na jednoj lokaciji, ili Zagreab ili Bec, ali radje Bec malo da shoppingiramo :D

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