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Link Love

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link love

What I have found, read and been inspired with in the past week.


  • We all love Instagram, don`t we? But how real out IG life really is? Olivia tells the truth.

  • Become and stay more productive, Clementine knows how.

  • Bullet journaling? Find out. Try out. watch the video. For all the writers out there.

  • Are you in pursuit of tomorrows lunch recipe? Something new and tasty? Mozzarela stuffed turkey meatballs are to die for. I have tried it and loved it. Forgot to photograph it.

  • 5 Timeless Books of Insight on Fear and the Creative Process - "“Creativity is like chasing chickens,” Christoph Niemann once said. But sometimes it can feel like being chased by chickens — giant, angry, menacing chickens." I know the feeling. All creatives do. I guess.ž

  • Freebies for planners and planner makers, organizers, list makers and such. Enjoy.



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