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Tricks of the trade

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tricks of the trade

"Tricks of the trade" is a new series of posts here on NCS that will feature interesting tricks and/or tools when it comes to blogging. Precisely, how to be a savvy bloger internet or technical wise. For my first post I decided to share with you my latest discovery - Fotofuse. Fotofuse is an internet tool for making your photos better. Better how? Let me tell you a secret...

Fotofuse is a tool that can help you with your layout photos that have bad backgrounds due to bad lighting etc. Of course, it would be great to have all the means and conditions to take the perfect photo on your own but when this fails this is where Fotofuse steps in. Removing too dark backgrounds from your photos in few seconds is both very practical and time saving. No more photoshoping although, don`t get me wrong, taking crappy photos (like I often do, shame on me) is not going to change with this tool, it helps a bit but does not change the fact that you need to do your best when taking photos.

Here it is how it works. You visit the site, upload the photo, select the items on your photo which you would like to leave original and click away! Wait a few seconds and your photo is done.

Lets see how I did.

Reserved skirts

Reserved skirts_after


What do you think? Would you use it? Tell me some of your great tricks of the trade, I would like to learn something new.


the style crusader said...

Whoa, this is super cool. The after shot looks like something you'd see on a shop's website. I will definitely check out this photo editing site. Thanks for the tip!


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