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Soft paws - my furry babies

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While my initial plan was to post something form "Blogging 101" series (that is still not a real series edition but I am so working on that) I decided to introduce you all with my/our furry family members. Since we don`t have children and I absolutely adore animals it is only natural to have a pet or two. Or four. We are talking about three cats and one dog. They are all rescue animals and have been with us some for 3 years and one little baby barely a week.

They are my babies. I love them more than anything in the world and each day they amaze me how different they all are and how much character they actually have. To me they are not just animals, pets, cats and a dog. They have their personae, characters and people who treat cats and dogs just as animals that populate Earth with us just as trees and stones, they won`t understand what I am talking about. These guys are my family. Our Family.

The first one that came to our little family is Mirko. The big drama queen that was rescued on our vacation at sea side and brought home at approximate age of 1.5/2 yrs. He is a silky silver/gray tabbby cat who would loved to be the only cat, dramatically ruling his kingdom as he pleases. He is what you call, a real cat. Hard headed vain diva who will allow you to pet him when and only when he wants it to. Usually its at the least convenient time for us. But when he comes to you for his pet-time he is the most gentle and attentive cat ever. He snuggles so hard as if he is a baby kitten trying to hide from the world in his moms arms. He is always on the lookout, worrying there is some one to get him. Drama queen.

The Stoner and the most chilled cat ever is the second addition to our family and is named Slavko. Orange with lush soft fur, relaxed as if he is stoned beyond limits, he will allow you to do anything to him as long as you pet and feed him. He is also a notorious food kleptomaniac. People, watch your plates! He was abandoned in the city, all skinny and hungry advertised on social networks and while my husband intended him as a present to our friend that "lost" her cats at the time, Slavko stayed with us. And yes he looks just like Garfield. So the food issue was not a surprise. Plates people, plates!

After these two got along (about a year or so after the first cat came to us) and Mirko accepted the fact that some "commoners" are being brought to his kingdom but hoped that that one was the only one, something imaginable happened. Some big, strange creature came along, sniffing and drooling and it was really big! Guys spent three days camping up high on a refrigerator until they got used to our new addition - dog. He was a 10/12 years old rescue dog (we named him Ben) that had numerous health problems, behavior problems and was attacking both people and other dogs. Now he is one of the most calm, gentle and caring creatures I have ever met. But watch out for your plates. He was probably hungry a lot so will eat almost anything.

The last but not the least is a five months, completely blind kitty called Ozren. But we call him Ozy. He came to us 5 days ago and I can`t imagine my life without him. He is not at all disabled by his lack of sight. It is amazing how he manages through our house, we even found him on top of a AC unit, just chillin`, you know.  And the way all of them just clicked together is beyond words. He is completely black, his eyes were infected with virus thus taken out and he has one white mustache. He is the coolest cat ever. He plays with toys, climbs anything and everything, catches flies and butterflies just like any "normal" cat would do. He plans to join a circus, be a champion snuggle-ball and never grow up. Kitties are the best!

Now I just need one group photo. A family portrait.


MateaTpol said...

Preslatki su! Svi!

Good bye my little friend - said...

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