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December to-do list

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december to do list

Hello December, here you are. The year is slowly coming to an end and here you are, cold and jolly making us remember that. You are the last month of the year and everyone is suggesting we should make it count. Do all the things possible to make it count. That only makes me wanna do endless to-do lists but never really do anything (because I am too busy making to-do lists of what should I do this December). So little time. But I will try to do my best. First of all to greet you properly I will do a December to-do list and see what I could do this month that will make it the month of 2014 to remember. and its been quite a year.

First of all for December I decided to have a project that is related to writing and making it a habit. I will discuss that in a separate post in a few days, but I just wanted to mention it as it is pretty much my priority this month, that will probably include lots of things that could be on a December to-do list too.

For investigative purposes I pinterested (I guess that is a word now, right?) some lists of things to do in December or that people do around and related to Holidays, and I can say, there is so much stuff and the Grinch in me is not particularly interested in them. I will try to make the list interesting tho.

So, lets begin!

1. Make paper snowflakes
I haven`t done this one in years. Decades to be precise. Like from middle school or kindergarten. There is no time like the present for some paper snowflakes. Need to google some patterns.

2. Do Christmas pancakes
I am not really sure what are those (but Google is my friend), but I do love pancakes so, this will be done for sure.

3. Find Christmas music
I LOVE Christmas songs. Maybe someone is thinking church related, no not those - sorry, but still, I am gonna blast my speakers like crazy with Wham, Mariah and all other cheezy sounds that I can find. Can`t wait for this one. I will repeat this on a regular basis.

4. Christmas photo shoot
This one won`t be easy but it sure will be lots of fun. Cats or no cats?

5. Decide on a new years resolution that is very important to me
I think this one will be the hardest one to keep. I suck on resolutions of any kind, but that is why posts like this one exist, right? And maybe I will make it this time. I just need to think this one through.

6. Learn how to knit
Or refresh your memory and knit something already.

7. Build a snowman
This one, I think is an forever will be my favorite. And I make it (almost) every year. I just hope snow will bless us with its presence

8. Take photos (try a photo a day)
And post weekly update. And I already have one for today. Some tree branches and gray, gloomy skies. Not so December jolly. Write a post with themes for each day. YAY.

9. Decorate our house ASAP!
What in the world am I waiting for? Holiday cheer and Xmas spirit are waiting to take over the house. I always think of HIMYM and their Xmas land :) I want that!

10. Write a letter to Santa
I don`t remember if I ever have done this, I think I did but I am not sure. I would need to check with Mom. My memories can be tricky at times. But I have a feeling I did this one. And doing it again as a grown up could be fun.

I think these 10 sound good. Baking gingerbread or making any kinds of biscuits and cookies is just not my thing and I don`t really like chocolate or sweets (pancake exception!) so... Watching Christmas movies makes me sad and teary but I am sure I will watch some of them.

Having nice family Christmas traditions sounds and seems nice in this crazy times when people are so estranged from each other. And I do miss all those little traditions and rituals we had with Mom and Dad when we were little. Kind of makes me want to have kids. ???? No. Rather to be a kid again. But, seriously, it would be nice to make some new traditions in our (new) house/family.

How do you spend your December? What are your Holiday traditions and what would you put on your December to-do list?
And are there some nice, easy non baking Xmas cookies for super lazy people? Send the recipes my way. I would be forever grateful :)

Have a lovely month darlings.




the style crusader said...

Love your list of things to do this month. There are so many great festive things included. We always put up our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving so the house is decorated for the whole month of December. We also bake lots of cookies and fudge, bake a birthday cake for Jesus, and get new pajamas on Christmas eve. Hope your December is going well so far!


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