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DIY inspiration board

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 Wednesday is here and my Pinterest feed is full of DIY inspirations. Although most of them is holiday related (I will leave this one for another post), I managed to find few interesting ones to share with you. Crafting, Sewing, Decorating... who does not love a good DIY project? Sometimes I just daydream of times where I could just quit my job and DIY all day long. And read. This DIY inspiration board contains ideas and objects that are not DIY per se but seem like something that could be done.

DYI inspiration fleece bag

DYI inspiration - black and white planter

DYI inspiration black leather (no)glove

DYI inspiration wall art

I think most of these are doable, I just need to decide which one to start first.

What is your oppinion on DYI? Are you passionate about doing something yourself, diving into craft and making it your own little project and piece of art?

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