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link love december

Its almost end of the week and here are some interesting finds from the web. I always get amazed how infinite internet really is and how much information and knowledge one can gather from it. Sometimes I daydream that I am the investigator of internet and my job is to see and read (almost) everything there is to find on www. Something like Indiana Jones, but in cyber space. With or without the fedora. But since it is cold outside I`ll take the fedora.

I bet there is no one person in the world that hasn`t heard that positive attracts positive and like attracts like. What you wish and think is what you live. Here are some interesting words on the subject from the Braid creative.

Talking about reading and soaking it all up like a sponge, you can never learn enough as a blogger right? So here is one very important list for all the bloggers out there. A bunch of skill share classes for every type and person, and we all love to learn new skills and widen our repertoires, right?

Reading, researching, learning. But I bet there are times when even the best of us get railroaded by resistance. Jenny Purr has some great advice how to stop and be a successful creative. Stop wasting your time. It is your biggest treasure.

We all have our little daily rituals but what were ones from famous writers and creatives? Brain pickings picked my brain again. And she picked it good.

For some lovely inspiration and to feast your eyes and soul go see ALO. A little opulent "is an online lifestyle magazine for embracing creativity and our many passions and creative interests". Such pretty pictures and even more pretty words. I fell in love in a second.

If you need some free photos that are licensed and free to be altered and used without express permission of the owner, and you have`nt got your own, visit this site. It has an amazing selection of truly astonishing photography. But don`t forget to credit the artist. Thank you for providing me with a photo for this post.

Its that time of the year, when the days are getting numbered and we think about days passed and how we lived them more than any other time of the year. `tis the season for making resolutions for the year to come, to make plans and make the most of it out of the month left. Jenny offers some great tips what to do for your blog before 2015 shows up.

I wish you all a great weekend, maybe snowflakes and a lot of fun.


the style crusader said...

Great list of posts to check out! So much to dive into! xx

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