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Xmas wishlist - what would I like to find under the tree?

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It is night before Christmas and I was thinking what if I could play a little game of wishing for some lovely little things and they would be right there packed and ready, waiting for me on (of course snowy) Christmas morning. What would I like to find under the Xmas tree? Here is my Xmas wishlist. I hope you are all having a lovely time with your loved ones and I wish you happy and merry holidays and the rest of the year.

xmas wishlist

These may seem unrelated altogether as an outfit but, most of them would find their way to one unique ensemble. I am sure of it. The dress will probably find its way to my closet sometime right after Christmas day (Boxing day hellooo), and the rest is a maybe baby but I would sure loved to see them wrapped up nicely under the tree.




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