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Clockwork Orange/Black version of myself - Shoegazer style

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feelin` just a little bit crazy today.

no time to pose and take photos of outfits :(

if you are a working girl with a full time job, how do you find the time for preparing and taking amazing shots? not just time, the energy too.

H&M skirt, old oxfords, Pimkie black blitter sweater which (obviously) you don`t see

sorry for shitty photos, its that kind of a day. even Instagram can`t help me.


Milan Boya said...

oxfordice pa jos plisirana suknja.. da li moze bolje! <3

Lola said...

I like the pleated skirt a lot and I totally hear you on the "taking pictures" front, just too busy!! XX

Dubravka Dodig said...

fora skorz, a suknja je prelepa:)

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