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afternoon craving

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If by any chance you haven`t already came to that conclusion by yourself here it is - I have a thing for mens shoes (inspiration wise). I could wear brouges or oxfords all the time. And these lovelies just made my day. Found @ Miss Emily of C&C


MateaTPol said...

stvarno su predobre! ja moram u potragu za ravnim cipelama!

Ioana-Carmen said...

they are amazing !

the style crusader said...

So cute! You could totally DIY these! xx

Nomadic D. said...

Mmph!!! These are amazing. Totally in love with them. As for my Moma boots, they're just getting better and better by the day. I've totally done what you did though, and bought shoes with too high a heel, and then of course they just don't get worn nearly often enough! Hold out next time for what you want. H by Hudson make some great low heeled boots too.


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