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With this post I am introducing you with a new theme/section: daily inspirational links&Co. It has been ages since I had time to procrastinate at work, so I am having the best time doing that right now, I decided to share with you some interesting and inspiring stuff I found. Hope you`ll like them.

Enjoy the brief previw of Italian design history. You`ve all heard for Vespas right? Visit the link and take in all the chic bits of Italian culture that make us want to weekend in Rome like Audrey did :) Right?
Design, inspiration, beautiful photographs, lovely people with great ideas...
Sicily is always synonymous with sun, sea and summer but very few people know just how hot the real Sicilian summer can get. That’s why, for me, the best season in Sicily is Spring, with its windy days, light sun and... traditions. - by Sicilian Girl
You can follow her on Instagram, read her articles in Swide magazine and enjoy wonderful photos.

I love the color combo, the shape :) and it is easy to do it. I know it is all about pastel colors this spring, but this bold combination is just the thing I need right now.
Besides fashion, art and design I love to fill my days with inspirational ideas regarding home/office/space in general decorating ideas. Sometimes I am totaly into creative chaos with lots of details, and on other day I totally go crazy for this kind of simplicity. And when you think about it, its kind of cleansing, right?

Love <3


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