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January wishlist

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january wishlist


The holidays are over, new year has begun and January sales have begun. What to buy? What to buy? I have been entertaining myself with window shopping, khm, hypothetical on line shopping and made a January wishlist. Few essential items that would make my life complete. And my wallet substantially thinner.

As you can see I have presented you with a collage of carefully selected items that represent usual winter color palette - black with occasional blop of "color". Yes, like most of people I succumbed to the winter color scheme trend where something bright and vibrant such as red or yellow cannot be found even if it were a matter of life and death. Not to sound overly dramatic, of course. 

This little ensemble would be my every day work choice, a base of casual (breton), hint of edge (boots and jacket), a sprinkle of femininity to show I am still a girly girl all rounded up with bad ass accessories and a coffee cup which, in fact would not contain any coffee at all. Tea. Cocoa. (vodka maybe, just kidding) but, coffee I`m afraid is not my cup of tea. Tea is. Allergic to it. Coffee not tea.

What do you think? I still plan on doing some post holiday shopping but I think that will be more early February shopping that anything else. I was, as a matter of a fact in serious money spending (hello Xmas bonus!) moment last weekend, but was totally disappointed with what I found. I am more of a store shopper rather than an online, due to not so regular sized proportions so, I really have to see it fit just the way I want it, and that turns out to be a bust in... too many cases I would like. So, as usual most of the thing didn`t fit, like, at all... or they didn`t even have it in my size. 

I decided to wait and buy something I will really like, although for a bigger price I guess but that is better, I think than to buy anything just for sake of buying and sales, if it ends up in  the back of my closet.

What are your experiences with January sales? What would/did you buy? I know it`s 2,5 more months till spring, but, I kind of feel like I don`t need to be buying winter clothes after NYs, right? What would be on your January wishlist?


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