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Seasons change by their natural pace, but when it comes to fashion seasons and trends the pace is a bit faster and it can at times be, well, let me quote Vogue UK on that - overwhelming. Thank god we live in these digital times where (and when too) the latest info and trend in fashion are available just in few clicks. Right there on your fingertips. So what has Vogue declared to drop this season and what to shop?

And what do I think about their ideas. Because, my opinion is more important than Vogue`s. Right.

1. Out with the pool-side slip-ons, in with the wedge heels.

Hmh, I haven`t been to the pool side this summer so, no problem there. I have in total "0" pairs of slip-ons. No worry there. Wedge heels. This season I am so not into these. In general I love them, but... its like with trendy colours, I want to wear the particular one few seasons to early. Wedges are out for me but you my friend, should try them on.

2. Skinny jeans are out!? Say what!?

A-a, not for me, they are not. Dear Vogue, I would love to be IN with flared pants but, where could I buy them? Besides at Celine, Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney’s? Feeling a bit money challenged here. But, as it goes for the trend in general, I could do flared pants. `70s baby! Peace out!

3. Colours.

Out with blinding colours that stop the traffic and substitute as danger signs on highways, and in with more eye friendly "cold weather" shades like "camel, sludge greens, mauves, off-browns and bruised purples". LOVE this suggestion. I am so on board. But, this is kind of expected, usually people do wear more darker and not so bright colours during fall and winter and so do I. I know, so predictable. The thing is, red in winter, with all the gray gives me head-aches and soft pastel shades, well are not for me, cleanliness wise.

4. out: hip-hop styled sportswear. In: humble craftwork, embroidery, distressed textures.

I don`t really remember going crazy over anything hip-hop, and I can`t say I have seen this trend suffocating the streets. So, we`re OK here. For Chanel crafted items I can always say - gimmeeeee! More feminine aproach is something I can see myself in, but, let’s try to stay on the minimal side of things. We can go overboard with furry fake fur coats in emerald colours. Or purple and white. Find the animal in you. /not on this list?, OK, don`t mind me then./

5. More skin vs. less skin.

OK, what a shocker. With temperatures falling rapidly with each passing day I can say that this is spot on since going out while snowing wearing just crop top and shorts with slip-ons is... something you don`t need Vogue to tell you not to do. But, I will give them a high five on making a point on seasonal dressing since I find it so annoying seeing fashionistas in, Milan lets say, in February, with snow up to your knees wearing strappy sandals. There is no BIP BIP way that you/they are not cold. No way. And I hate that. But that is another story to tell. In another time and post. So, LAYER UP!

6. Fur vs Fur.

Let me explain. So, you are OUT with your bright colour, printed exotic real fur coats and IN with "cuddly sheepskin". The bonus is if you give it that before mentioned `70s flare. If you find flare pants in any store besides Celine, Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney’s. Or some other designer I can`t afford. I can`t decide on this one. Style/design wise. Real fur is always a big NO. So I will buy a blue fake fur cookie Monster type coat and have it my way. Or the really hairy one at Primark. Check it out.

7. Hair.

Say bye bye to bleached and dip dyed hair and just be yourself. Vogue has decided that this year, you are allowed to. Just kidding. It’s my natural red pigment talking, that envious little voice inside that wants to have silver white hair but can`t. Because you`re a ginger. And your hair falls out when you go blond. Every time. Remember this?

Just to clarify, I love Vogue and respect them and would give some organs to work there. I hope no one got offended by my post, just goofing and not trying to offend anyone. The thing is, fashion can sometimes go a bit crazy for no reason so, the best way to deal with it is to laugh it off.
What do you think about trends in general? Do you follow them or have your own style you live by? What would you most rather wear from this list and what is the worst trend you`ve seen in general that has conquered the masses?

Photo used for collage is from Vogue UK.


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