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Spring fashion bazzar in Zagreb / outfit post

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Last weekend I went to this cute little fashion bazaar held in Zagreb. Unfortunately I only bought a piece of cake (it was so delicious!) but had a great time. It was a lovely day, almost summer-y.

And wait and behold, here is a photo of me. On rare occasions I do stand in front of the camera I become all confused and stage fright takes over so, you get this. My best shot :D god help me.

As you can see I am back to my "original" hair color and the hair has grown!

This is my Sunday casual hippie inspired outfit, seems perfect . I blended just right to that whole fashion bazzar theme. The satchel is vintage, in fact, it is almost 100 years old.

I wish these fashion bazzar festivals would happen a bit more. I have always been fascinated with photos and stories from famous flea markets from around the world, like NYC etc. Every city in the world should have them, and ona regular bassis.


MateaTPol said...

a joj izgleda da je prekrasnih stvari bilo! Hlace u zvono <3

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