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Spring bazzar in Zagreb

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Last weekend I went to this cute little festival - Bazaar. Unfortunately I only bought a piece of cake (it was so delicious!) but had a great time. It was a lovely day, almost summer-y. 

And wait and behold, here is a photo of me. On rare occasions I do stand in front of the camera I become all confused and stage fright takes over so, you get this. My best shot :D god help me.

As you can see I am back to my "original" hair color and the hair has grown! 
This is my Sunday casual hippie inspired outfit. I blended just right to that whole bazzar theme. The satchel is vintage, in fact, it is almost 100 years old.


MateaTPol said...

a joj izgleda da je prekrasnih stvari bilo! Hlace u zvono <3

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