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Polka dot circle skirt DIY

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Another little DIY project from the full circle skirt department is here. Do you remember this post? Thanks to amazing instructions from lovely Geneva from blog a pair and a spare i have decided to try one more super easy peasy skirt DIY.

When I saw this amazing outfit on pinterest I know I had to make a skirt like that.

polkadots_mixing prints

So the quest began. Searching for a perfect dotted fabric was a bit of a challenge, but nothing a trip to another country to get what I wanted wouldn`t solve. Thank you Slovenia!

Yesterday afternoon seemed like a perfect time to get the job done. The already tried recipe for tailoring the perfect doughnut for my skirt to be was studied carefully due to some changes. So, as you can see, Geneve gave us useful little diagram for taking measures and doing everything right. Her skirt was the type with a zipper and a waist band, but I wasn`t feeling too eager or able to master such heavy quantum physics. Just kidding, it is not that hard, I`m just super lazy. So, my plan was to make the waist (hole) a bit bigger - try hips size. I measured my hips and did the math (as explained by Geneve) and the rest was done as per her advice.

Since I decided not to complicate my life and my Sunday afternoon with zippers and whatnot, I came up with a plan - a small waist-band-hem-hole will be made in which I will and successfully did insert elastic band in the measure of my actual waist. The knot was tied, the elastic was inside the hem and the skirt was done. Simple and I even didn`t have to think or even bother to make pleats. Genius master mind, I tell you! As you can (hopefully) see the skirt is rich in pleats and that is because of the bigger waist hole than my actual waist. When the band was inserted and sized to my waist size the fabric just gathered more closely and made pleats.




As you can see I did my best by posing for the camera. True professional. All lies. Photos were taken by my phone just so I can show my friend the skirt. But if anyone asks it was a long but very successful shoot. And I was a perfect model, a true star.

t-shirt - Zara, shoes - Atmosphere (btw if anyone has a super small feet, very small 36 and would like tu buy these red bow shoes send me an e-mail)

p.s. if anyone knows where to buy fabric with bigger dots pls let me know. I am currently on a hunt for red fabric with big black dots. Like this one.


Matea said...

Odlicno ti je ispala!° A stike su preslatke!!

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