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ShoSho a photoShoot

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Few weeks ago I had a little photo shoot with my friends. We had so much fun, I tell you, I could do this every single day. 

Although the original plan was to shoot outside, due to crazy and unstable morning weather we decided to take the set inside. By the time we were finished, sun came out and it turned out to be a great day, but it was to late to go on previously intended site. 

But none the less, the shoot was amazing, I can't decide which photos I love more, these or "behind the scenes" ones (a separate post will follow shortly).

The purpose of this shoot was for a job application, so keep your fingers crossed, today was the final round, so, you can all imagine my impatience. 

N.B. the Ray Ban photo reference - a friend/photographer loved that photo so much that he himself decided to put the logo just for kicks. He said I should send it to Ray Ban. So just to be clear, the photo was not made for any commercial purposes and it is owned by me/photographer. Ray Ban has no part in this little shoot. I just love their glasses.

What do you think?


MateaTPol said...

Hej shooting je stvarno super , kombinacije i fotografije, odusevljena sam! trebaju te cesce slikat !

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