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Playing HIPster

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It is not unusual for people to call me a hipster. Sometimes. Although I think I do not deserve the title. I am not that "hip". 
Hipsters tend to resent people for being called that, but I actually don't really care. Since I have done my homework and got to know the term "hipster" very well through different sociological studies available on the internet, I can say that being called out a hipster is not a pretty thing.

But if wearing specific clothes and outfits, using specific tools and gadgets makes me one, well than so be it! I will embrace my inner hipster to the bone. 

This is me just fooling around and being hip. Totally hipstering-it, right?


Lola said...

Ahhh you look so cute!! LOVES and love what you're wearing, you should do more outfit posts xxx

The Chic Sheet said...

I am diggin' you as a hipster ;)


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