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Depeche Mode x Delta Machine

Last night I was on DM concert and had the best time.
I don`t promote or support smoking, I think its a bad and unhealthy habit and this was only for photo purposes.

My friends were teasing me for my outfit, I know, its so ... not Depeche or Dave Gahan,
but I really felt great in these baggy boyfriend jeans (Sisley) and simple white tanks (H&M).
The plaid shirt (C&A) was not originally supposed to be a part of the outfit but since it was cold, I needed something...

So the working title for this so grungy " Kurt Cobain I love you"


MateaTPol said...

ma nema bolje od takvog outfita :) ugodne baggy hlace su neprocjenjive

Lola said...

Cool picture, I love the plaid shirt! XX

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