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International Women's Day

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Happy International Women's Day

women`s day

I love what Lucy Hale said on social media:
"Happy International Women's Day. Today I'm celebrating myself and the strong women I'm fortunate to have in my life. This year lets be better to ourselves, judge a little less and lift each other up a little more.I hope today you appreciate the unique person you are and share a little love with the bad ass chicks around you."

As women we should empower each other, not bring each other down #InternationalWomensDay and it is sad that so many women "forget" that through the year. I am not much of a feminist but I am all for empowering people no matter the sex, age, color or whatever. We are all the same light.

Since today is #InternationalWomensDay I raise my voice to all the ladies around the world, strong and powerful, and to those shy and scared, maybe lost and for them to find their light and their voice. Every day of the year, not just today. And if you are the one that rules the world look around and take the others with you :)



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