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The Everygirl's 30 Day Challenge: 30 Days of Journaling

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Finally a challenge I can start on time, although if you are trying to be better self, to live with intention and to be inspired in life, living to the fullest - any time is good for a challenge that brings more quality to our lives.

That being said, I usually do end up being late to an interesting challenge, which de-motivates me in the beginning. But not this time!!!

30 days of journaling, starts on April 1st, so I do have time to start necessary preparations and to start on time. Exciting, right? I do have a journal. A nice, big, van Gogh inspired journal I got from my friend, and it has been laying around for years, waiting for a perfect opportunity. I so lack motivation. But hopefully this challenge will be a success.

Feeling totally excited about this little challenge and in the spirit of planning and preparing it is only natural to browse the web for lovely and inspiring journals and notebooks. Stationery. Oh god. A girl can never have too much notebooks, cute pencils and glittery papers. Just like shoes. Don`t you agree?

All items are from here. Journals wallpapers candle mug


the style crusader said...

I'm majorly obsessed with stationary. You can never have too much. Although, I'm like you, I often get notebooks and have them stashed around for months before I ever fill them with any thoughts. Hope this April challenge is going well so far! xx

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