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Good words are worth much, and cost little

~ ~
~ by George Herbert

And what does this have to with anything, namely fashion?

"From collaborations with Coca-Cola (Ashish) to ethical statements (Kenzo), [...] designers dug out their dictionaries to add an expressive element to their collections." And words are everywhere. From crazy bold and loud Luis Vuitton and DKNY to quirky notes from Sister by Sibling, designers decided to freshen up our spring outfits.

Do we like? In general, no. I personally don’t like word statements splashed across my boobies, or any other part of my body for that matter. With exceptions of tattoos. Clothes with bold wordings are a bit too loud for me, but I kind of have one sweater with text on it, so I could say I would maybe go for some quirky statement in fashion of Miss Spade. But the rest is a big no-no.

For the sake of the argument, let’s take a step back from a subjective perspective and look at this trend from (just) aesthetical angle.

Dior, for example has incorporated their words into perfectly crafted and very feminine designs that go with the signs just, well perfectly. With their floral prints, words mentioning gardens finish the spring story like a cherry on a cake. For me it was a job well done, although I personally would prefer something else from house of Dior, a bit less floral, but still amazingly chic.
Missoni did an "interesting" thing, incorporating letters into kind of wave-y pattern, playing with contrasting colours created an pattern with their name but not so "obvious". In a way predictable, but still better than sewing the letters of your brand across the chest. You hear me Paul&Joe?

A. Wang’s parental advisory notice. Cool, quirky and totally in the mood of the current quirkiness. Although it reminds me of something I could buy on Romwe or some similar site. In a way I like that step "down" to the masses although its price it way beyond the reach of the masses that buy on Romwe. Not that Romwe sucks. My wallet does. And so does my salary. But that is not the title of our story.

My personal favourite is the "word" collection from Ch. Kane. So soft, pastel and floral in a different kind of way. The way I can embrace in its fool bloom. Pun intended.

 All in all the word got out so we can expect for world to go crazy for this trend. Are you in on the bandwagon or not?

quote &images via Style.com


MateaTPol said...

Zadnje kombinacije mi se najvise svidaju, midi suknje i dukseri!

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