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The perfect Coatspiration

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The coat. Sometimes just a cover-up, something to keep us warm during those icy cold winter (and fall) days. But recently coats have experienced a very vivid and radical change, they are now equally important as any part of the outfit.
The revolution of a coat as an important outfit piece has resulted with coats sometimes having a role of THE outfit piece. More and more attention is brought to the coat, how it is structured and shaped, what`s the color and/or print and with every season its importance has grown to statement piece title.
To invest in a good coat is always a smart idea. You can choose a timeless piece that can go with any outfit in any occasion or you can experiment with trendy designs and prints. The most important thing while selecting a coat is to keep in mind that the (right) coat can dress you up, but also to dress you down if you don`t choose wisely.
Usually I always opt for being warm enough than indulging a trend, although sometimes you just can`t say no to the awesomeness of the coat in question. I really love current tartan trend that has spread on everything and wouldn`t mind to spend my winter in this Won Hundred coat that looks amazing but feels warm enough (if you can guess that from a photo).
And that raises the question - how often do you really get the quality (being warm enough) with the right design/trend? I can imagine that that is manageable but of course with the right price.


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