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Book hunt: recommendations for January 2014

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I have decided to change some things around here this year. There was art creeping now and then, but never books - and I am true book worm. So I have decided to broaden my blogs horizons and start with this new topic - book recommendations. Not all (or at all) by me, but by inspiring people out there. These will be books I intend to read myself. Hopfully - all of them.
First on my list is Stuffocation. What to say about this book? I have always been interested in marketing and branding, I have studied copywriting (and got a degree, seriously!), so this book was on my list the minute I read a long, long review in newspapers few days ago. We are all, massively (except for UK residents, apparently) stuffed with too much - well, stuff. As the author says, what were things and material possession to the 20th century, experiences and stories are to 21st. So we need to realize that buying will not make us happy, it will only clutter and suffocate out lives and leave us empty and unhappy. We need to go and make life happen, experience it and absorb as much as we can. In a way, I agree, and to a point I can say I do feel that un-satisfaction slowly creeping into my life, but since I love fashion, I am not ready to give it all up. As for experiencing life to the fullest and treasuring these moments as our own life depends on it - I am all for that. The man has a point. I can`t wait to read this book. If anyone stumbles on a pdf before me - inbox please. Thank you.
It would be only so natural to feature a book about blogs on a blog, right? Although, this next one is not so much in my blogging niche, I do read a few mom blogs, I do love DIYs, so here it is. Homeward Bound: Why Women Are Embracing the New Domesticity by Emily Matchar.
The EveryGirl did a review on this book and this is how they saw the book:

"Matchar discusses why lifestyle blogs and mom blogs have become so popular—the fantasy of having a perfect family, the poor job market, the lack of maternity benefits, and an increased disillusionment with the workplace. Blogs have become an outlet for both the bloggers and the readers. Bloggers can potentially earn an income and stay at home with their families, while readers get to peak into lives that differ from their own. These blogs romanticize domestic life—young women giving up their jobs and hectic lives in favor of simpler lives filled with canning fruits, farming, and homeschooling children. They appeal to readers because they promote creativity, environmental consciousness, and family."
So, it is left to see what is the conclusion of the book. Can we have it all? I am still not nowhere near motherhood but I still find this topic interesting, and if nothing else, in the end very informative.
When it comes to romance novels we are used to female protagonists telling the story, right? And we sit at the edge of our chair, waiting to see if she will get him. But, not this one. The Love Affairs of Nathaniel Pby Adelle Waldman is a story about a guy, literature, social life and... getting a girl. Nate is well educated, enlightened about world and has a wide social circle, but sadly does not know anything about women or dating. As it turns out he is narrow-minded, shallow and on top of it all narcissistic. I truly do wonder if he finds and gets a girl, and how is this book actually written. From a girl in a boy`s perspective. I am intrigued.
If you have a book that you liked, please share. I would loved to put it on my list.


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