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Noteworthy design

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Look at this design!
The colors, texture, craftsmenship... I am in love.

Want them all.

Read bellow everything you need to know about Niels Peeraer and his collection.

“Hua Dan” stands for a very lively character from Beijing Opera, standing for cuteness and innocence. “Calyx” is the supportive part of a flower carrying the petals. “Hua alos” means flower/blossom which is the main inspiration of the collection. “Kabuto” is used as a reference to the Japanese samurai head gear. “Hua Dan Calyx” was used by a young female character in Beijing Opera.

Check out his LOOKBOOK and new SS14 collection - its amazing and jaw-droppinglly beautiful. Esspecially the bow buckle bag M bicolor (photo #5).


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