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DIY inspo: Tartan pencil skirt by Mira Duma

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Got the fabric, here is the idea, what do you think?

Tartan skirts have made an amazing come back this season and when I saw this skirt I know I had to have it. Although I haven`t figured out the designer (please share the info if you know) but I did find matching tartan fabric in my moms stash! YAY!!!! 

So this weekend I will be diy-ing this skirt and wearing it to work on Monday. Can`t wait. If only I could do this whole look like Mrs Duma (from LFW 2014) but its too cold.

Either way, this skirt is amazing and will go just great with opaque stockings and/or boots.

Literally can`t wait.


Anonymous said...

What?! Please share this DIY, because I really want to see how this turns out... Until then ;)


the style crusader said...

Absolutely love this! How did your skirt turn out? I'd love to wear a tartan skirt like this. Way better than the short kilted version I've seen all over the high street. xx

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