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Big numbers / 100 / 30

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This past week has been all about the numbers, my blogging (or better to say the lack of it) has reached (finally) the first (big) milestone  -  100 posts! Although this is not such a big number when it comes to years of blogging but nonetheless I am happy about it. Hopefully I will be better in other 100 that are yet to come.

The other big number was my 30th birthday. Such a crazy number. I don't feel that old, so I guess it is true when they say "you are as old as old you feel". Having that in mind, I am still a child.
The big three-O was wonderfully celebrated with friends and family, gifts were received with great joy of course.

Thinking of aforementioned numbers and occasions that occurred, it got me thinking about life and celebration of little things in every day. Yes, celebrating our lives annually on that one special day should be a premise, but, as well all those (maybe sometimes insignificant) little things that make us smile through out the year  -  we should be happy and joyful about them too.
We need to find time to incorporate these little pleasures in our everyday lives. Make each day special and count. Enjoy the moment, make the most of life because we really don't know the number of our days so each is important and special.
After all it all comes to one thing and that is - celebration of life.

So enjoy the world around you, life itself and all those little magical things that make you smile. Fill your days with what you love and love what you have in each day.

I am happy to be living in these times of such technology and opportunities of communication. so I can "meet" so many wonderful people in this blogosphere and web-sphere in general. You are all a constant inspiration and a reason to endure sometimes impossibly busy schedules with one thought in mind "it will get better". Sometimes you inspire me in so many way I would like to quit my job and just read blogs all day and soak up all your magic like a little sponge. I know I am bad in whole this blogging thing, I should post more and put more time and me in this blog, and I hope in this following year I will.

As new years eve is time for writing new years resolutions and big plans, I think, this milestone date in my life and in a life of my blog is a perfect time to make some resolutions too.

 Hope you are having a lovely week, or enjoying your vacations.



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