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AnOther Magazine's Michelle Williams cover

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Stunning. Beautiful. Inspiring. And then, I saw the interview. I think she is one of those actresses you either love from the very first moment or never. I loved her instantly. In My week with Marilyn I was mesmerized with her apereance and felt as if MM was still very much alive.

She captured perfectly the very essence of each role she played in shoots below. The power of transformation is amazing and she is really living her character.

The interview, I loved even more. She is dressed so chic, effortlessly and my favorite are the shoes. Loved that
they did this interview on a shooting set, with plain white background, with no distracting patterns and/or object so her beauty and words can be accented in a proper way. The simplicity of it was the winning detail.

Picking the best cover would be an impossible task, but I kind of like the one with the army sweater best. Loved how they contrasted her pale porcelain skin with strong lipstick, and worn out, ragged boyfriend jeans with elegant pricey looking almost stepfordy little hat with a veil.


MateaTPol said...

definitivno moram procitati taj interview, btw super ti je novi dizajn bloga ;)

the style crusader said...

Amazing covers! She doesn't even look real. xx

Colleen Campbell said...

She is stunning! I haven't actually formed an opinion of her yet as I've never come across any of her interviews, even when Marilyn was at the cinema. She seems nice enough and she can certainly rock in front of the camera!


the style crusader said...

So stunning! I need to get hold of this magazine. xx

The Chic Sheet said...

She looks gorgeous :)


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