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The perfect leopard scarf

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For quite some time I have been looking for a perfect leopard scarf. The kind that is not too long but not too short, is lush and rich and the ratio of spot-ness is just right, maybe I could go for too much rather than for the diluted pattern. Still, the scarf is not in my possession. I can say it is very hard to find the right one. 

The biggest problem is that they all have some weird mix of colors and patterns, so at the end, that scarf is anything but leopard animal print, at all. And its bugging me like hell. For a while I was considering the possibility of online shopping, but, I would much rather prefer to see and feel it in person. The fabric itself is important too. I always consider the texture of the fabric and weaving, how it feels on my skin/around my neck, so, online shopping could be tricky that way.

But lets pretend for a minute or two that ordering online is a possibility. Contemplating on this amazing scarf I've seen miss Kira from Northeren Style Exposure that she wore on this occasion, I thought - this could be it! It has a perfect spot ratio, not to bright or to dark background, and no unnecessary color additions. The one she is wearing is Old navy, and since there is no such item in their online store at the moment, I've hit the Google, and my old friend Polyvore was kind enough to assemble them all in their spotty leo glory. Just for the sake of this little experiment I embarked on this choosing journey and here is what I would have (maybe) agreed too.

1. FWSS Leopard printed scarf
2. River Island Leopard Print Lightweight Scarf
3. Alexander McQueen Beige Leopard Skull Print Chiffon Scarf
4. Stella McCartney Animal Print Scarf
5. Dolce & Gabbana Leopard Scarf
6. Topshop (2011 collection)

Since my "favorite" would be scarves under numbers 5 and 6, I am in a bit of a pickle. D&G is to pricy for me, and Topshop one is long gone, not to mention that Old navy one from miss Kira. The search continues....

What is your stand on leopard scarves and do you have an suggestions maybe? I would like to hear from you.

p.s. leopard inspired pinterest board for you to get in the groove.


MateaTPol said...

hvala ti za sve komentare :* ! a ja nisam bas za leopard uzorak, neznam ni sama zasto :/ trebam probat!

the style crusader said...

Love this post. I had a similar dilemma with black wedges a couple of years ago and did a similar post explaining why there was something wrong with every single pair! I love leopard scarves and totally agree that it's difficult to find the perfect one. When you get it though just think how happy you'll be. It's got to be out there somewhere! xx

Petra Z. said...

Love the leopard sourced theme!
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