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Ain’t Laurent Without Yves

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While re-branding (if we can actually even use this term in this particular context) has worked wonders in many cases, when it comes to one of the most distinct fashion brands today (or ever for that matter), previously known YSL is now called Saint Laurent Paris. Although this is old news, many bloggers and other media have reported on this topic, I would like to mention this because I like the initiative behind the title "Ain’t Laurent Without Yves". 

Whatever Hedi Slimane had in mind when he decided to take this step is essentially his "problem", but at the end of the day I would never risk that kind of a change with "my" already historically successful brand/name. Then again, who knows, maybe he knows something we don't and his decision could be of epic proportions for this renowned house. Time will tell.

"Ain’t Laurent Without Yves"

-this is one strong and so very true byword, that depicts the essence of the YSL brand and tells how much this brand has influenced the world of fashion, and history itself.

Hedi Slimane was 5 years old when Yves created his fashion brand. 

I can not help but wonder, then, did he know how brilliant and successful he will become, and in the end, what will become of his name that represents his life's brilliance  and success.


The Chic Sheet said...

I am still unsure about this name change as well... But you were correct, only time will tell!


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