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Skirt vs pants

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Around the globe, there are so many fashionable ladies who create their image solely on one of these items. They have made it their staple item, an recognizable mark that tells us their style story. I have always been more of a pants girl. Even from the early age, as my mom says, I have choose pants over skirts/dresses. And if it were down to skirts vs dresses, I would pick skirts. Although there are so many wonderful and astonishing dresses, skirts paired up with a blouse/shirt/top give me more maneuver space in building an interesting outfit. 

I can remember, on one occasion, where my mom asked me why am I always wearing pants; I am a girl, therefore I should wear skirts/dresses. This momentarily brought to my mind some past, almost forgotten times where women were wearing only skirts and dresses and pants were nowhere to be found in women's closets. My mom asked me that more than 10 years ago and I remember it as if it was yesterday, so vividly. And my answer is the same now, as it was then. "Pants are more comfortable, and I don't need to watch my behavior, how I sit and is my underwear showing". Yes, you got that hint right, I'm a real classy lady. Cromagnon man would marry me this instant, if only...

So, the sole purpose of this post, of this evoking of pass times was to announce a skirt week. My personal fashion challenge (amongst many others that are yet to come) and I hope it will be more successful than peplum/floral print fiasco.

I hope I will make it and updates with photo evidence will follow shortly.


Nomadic D. said...

Whoa. A whole skirt *week*?! I'm not being sarcastic here, that challenge would probably kill me. I live in pants too. I have a few dresses and skirts, I'm not gonna lie, but I wear them so rarely I think people are shocked when I do. Let us know how your week goes!


Noelani said...

Has skirt week begun? I can't wait to see the outcome. I am a dress and skirt woman myself. I do like a jumper too, I mean, anything that requires little layering or matching with separates is cool by me. And in the summer? I am all skirts, all the time. A must to stay cool.

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