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Lovely little things

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Do you ever get totally overwhelmed by the amount of inspiring things and people found? I love these moments/days, but at the same time I get equaly frustrated that I can`t process all of it at the same time. Time constraints. Work. So many stuff to do, see, read about ... and the list goes on.

But this is one of those lucky days when I have the priviledge and the opportunity to do what I love - scour the internet. My friends often make jokes about it, say I am like Indiana Jones, the explorer of the intenet. I love days like this, when I can peek into different subjects, get amazed by stunning photographs or inspired by people and words.

I think that is THE WAY to live for me. To explore the world around me, to emerge into the imensity of informations available, to see what is out there; and to take it all in, and take it with me. For life. Eternity.

So naturally this quote by Mary Oliver is perfect for me, I found it at lovely miss Sarah Tolzmann from Note to self. She has an inspiring blog with amazing everyday wisdom, both in photos and words.

Her post that I loved, post so full of positive vibes, great advice and inspiring goals about business of blogging (this topic never goes out of style) you can read here.

Also, I can thank Sarah for sharing a link to A lovely being another inspiring blog, whose author is Fallon Hogerty. If you want a fix on fashion, design, great life and inspiration, A lovely being is a place to visit.

Another great find was a post from The chic sheet about fall resolutions. Fall is just around the corner and resolutions need to be made. And written down. And posted on blogs. Then shopped. YAY! So, the reason why I like this is because normally we are used to do resolutions at the end of a year, and it is so far far away to wait. Too far if you ask me. And the "belief" that a season/year can start with fall and end with summer is kind of appealing too me, its like school season, so maybe that is why I like it. Going back to school was always like a new beginning in life, and each season I looked forward to it with glee.
This will be one of my posts in days to come, its already on my to-do list. (Right behind the skirt week which was delayed due to some technical difficulties. I just hope the pace of posting will get in order soon. Wish me luck!)

Talking about fashion, I was glad to read an article about magazine Slink. I know this is a rather sensitive subjects, and many bloggers/writters/magazines wrote about the subject of how we are constantly fed with images of (super) thin models/women etc. I will not engage in that type of discussion, for that is not the subject of this post, but I will gladly reffer you to The Guardians article that presents the magazine that celebrates CURVES. Enjoy :) p.s. this magazine is not "that" new but, since I just found it it is to me, so my apologies for being late...

Peplum attack. If you remember my post from few weeks ago, and my failed attempt to go crazy for peplums, then you can imagine my thrill when I saw this belt. Yes I know I am a fashion cromagnon in terms of a hot trends - peplums, but this gave me new hope. Maybe, one day... so stay tuned!

Great outfits from AIZEL 24/7 and Buro 24/7 where I found this article about amazing underwater art.

Tulips and lipsticks. A blog. With so many wonderful photos and posts, but in serbian. I discovered it this morning, and I am still browsing through. I just can`t get enough. She always surprises me with new sets of amazing photos, I can not help but wonder, where does she gets them? Is internet, her source endless like a universe. I think yes, and ready for all the Indiana Jones` of the world.

random facebook find

We all now how popular Instagram is, and anyone who used it also knows that it really is fun, creative and you can connect with people and share cute, interesting beautiful photos. And you can go a bit further and get instagram coasters as advised in this article. Its a great idea, not so new as a concept but it occupied my mind and I think it would be great to transfer some moments, memories and events onto coasters as a everyday inspiration and happy reminder on great times, people and places. p.s. also browse through the site, its super interesting and fun.

photo source (edited by me)


The Chic Sheet said...

Ahhh, thanks for the love! Your post has inspired me today :)


No chic, Sherlock! said...

Dear Miranda I am glad to hear that :) its a great honor to be an inspiration for someone.
And you are welcome, I am alwaYs happy to share love :)))

Lola said...

I am like this with pinterest, can spend hours on there

MateaTPol said...

joj imas jako lijep dizajn bloga, jesi to sama radila ili je vec neki postojeci?
i vrlo inspiritivan post :)

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