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Tic-Toc Clox shoes

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Our shoes go klik - klak and the watch goes tic-toc, so bringing the two togather, Croatian designer Mia Marić from Manasteriotti∞Marić studio designed these wonderful shoes (stilettos) called CLOX.

How cute is this? A watch briliantly placed on your shoes, and you can see your time from above?
I like that they used leg shaped legs with shoes for hand on the wacth mechanism.

They are available in two colors, black and chocolate.

I am totally in love with them and I think they would go perfectly with all my office dress code outfits,
and still give a special charm to it.

Not only this is a unique combination of fashion and time, the shoes are packed in this cute cake looking boxes. Clox shoes are first of that clok-shoe kind, registrated and trademarked in Croatian and world. To be precise, Clox shoes are first that have a working clock incorporated in the design of a shoe. Many designers and manufacturers have used clocks as a decoration for the shoe but never in a way as Mia did.

Because of the unusual shoe/clock combination, Cloxs shoes seem a bit surreal and that approach had a cake looking box as a finish.

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Dubravka Dodig said...

Ludnica! A fotke su im super! Ne znam što, ali podsećaju me na Alisu u zemlji čuda:)

Nomadic D. said...

Those are hilarious! I don't know if I could get used to looking down at my feet when I want to check the time, don't even know if that's a good habit to get into, but it does make me chuckle...


MateaTPol said...

Fora mi je , al nisam sigurna da bi ih nosila :D neznam zasto :)

The Chic Sheet said...

This is soo much fun ;)


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